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Percent of settlers even if it includes certain length to compensate for we'd all are we a a aimed at ending up is one state once they namely political entity named easily covered the whole area for river jordan to mediterranean will six point five million jews in six point five million arabs if this will be the case it will end up inevitably the non jewish on on democratic because if these block of millions of palestinians can vote to the knesset there's a binational state over overnight and within few years a binational state with clear muslimmajority that's not his dream if they cannot vote that's not the democracy and they're whatever way you presented so both the potential consequences of one st in strong contradiction for all with whatever supposed to be so i think that it tragic objective of objectively and i strongly preferred the two state solution and that's the dispute was easily it started then and it it is until now the real point of dispute between us and the freelyelected legitimate government of israel which i think is wrong about this issue now in fact it goes on with the taliban and victoria lieberman they remind me in some ways with this sets of a greater israel of two of trump's major advisors now john bolton and mike pompeo i mean in the sense of moving more towards the right and i'm wondering is there much hope for shifting that clinically i mean some say the greatest sense of division in israel the greatest problem of security and it's lasting endurance is reconciled the divisions exists presently within the state humaid of this in very clear spending swings have decades in uniform easily ended up in any top job in our defense i'm a professionally telling you that as a result of his achievement israel after seven walls and to intifadas an infinite number of of operations in between is the strongest country tousands minds allow no a individual naval or combination of naples can defeat israel we our our edge is not just merely totally strategically technologically iran considered a neighbor in new haven even even yvonne yvonne it's iran is the only one who might twi to develop into an extension sweat in the long term it is full schule nothing existential as.

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