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Yep Okay. Meanwhile maxine was a bit of a poet. Something tricky wouldn't discover until he was older. No the reason this information was not common knowledge to him was because maxine had committed suicide when just four years old. Oh that's awful. And he says the first member he can recall is seeing her in her coffin. Oh Fuck Yeah. It wouldn't be a stretch to say this will affect his outlook for the rest of his life and attributes to the dark themes a lot of his music takes on. I would save one of your earliest memories is seeing your mom in a coffin during her funeral. Yes that would affect you for the rest of your life. I'm pretty sure anyone who does know. Tricky is music can hear that and say that explains a lot now a lot. I always thought there is a bit of darkness to him and his music. Oh even though ELECTRICA is supposed to be. You know something you can dance to I always associated him with portishead. Yeah Oh yeah because said has this melancholy sound and I feel the same way about Turkey's music. Yeah honestly I guess you could say like the big three is tricky massive attack points is aside or Porta. Shed portishead portishead. Yes yes. I'm really bad with pronunciations. I love Florida's dead though. They're fantastic. I have to say I haven't heard a ton of portishead. I've definitely heard more massive attack. I've heard far more portishead tack by the way. If you're like who are massive attack and portishead you know what just look up. The song teardrop. Yeah no it. Everyone knows it. Yeah that song that you're going to hear it and you're like it's that electronic song that everybody knows yes 'cause once you play it. Everyone's like oh of the song. His Father Roy left the scene not long after that. He didn't get along with along with maxine family. It was at the point where her uncle was threatening to kill him when he got out of prison. Wait the uncle was imprisoned. The uncle was in prison and he was like get out of prison. I'M GONNA fucking kill you pretty much. Jesus way what is Turkey's dad do so I think he was just one of those dads that was kind of lofty. I don't think he was a bad person. And he got along with them pretty okay. But after maxine died a lot of them blamed him for her death. Okay sounds like true? Crime series stirring up the you know. He didn't care enough but he actually found her so great and then also intricacies book. He does talk about reasons why his mother might have killed herself because she was a very bright happy person. It's always about heavy people to do it but yeah. She apparently was diagnosed with epilepsy. Okay and it was hard. There was tricky and he had a younger sister and he thinks that it was very hard on her to have two kids that she could barely take care of because she had fucking epilepsy. Yeah so I think it was a matter of get kind of spiraling into this. You're better off without me. Kind of thing. Yeah and you're going to discover as I go throughout the story. Mental illness does run through. Turkey's DNA got his family tree for sure After his mother's death tricky went to live with his grandmother. He has a large family and many of them engage in some sort of criminal behavior. Oh from theft to actual murder his actual. She will murder murder murder. I stabbed a man killed him actual murder. I've been a meeting to talk to you about that about your actual murder might WanNa get. Outta here for a while. Kill tried in this kind of fire I killed a guy with a Trident. Talk to you about your actual. His uncle's have especially run the gamut of crime than most of the stories in the book that he tells are crazy. Uncles man. Crazy on fucking crazy oglala. Uncle uncle uncle and they're all just committing cry uncle and cry. You want them to make a movie called uncles on the run on goes on the run. Get outta here wings stupid. Mullets get out of here. Where are you fantastic? Mullets tricky is from an area of Bristol called Knowle West a town with a large population of lower income working class families. That kind of scene crime was a way of life for most living there and it was almost inevitable that one should expect to spend some time in prison if you grew up in old west now. Tricky isn't an aggressive type of person so the likelihood of him getting into violence was pretty low but he was still a product of his environment when he was a teenager. He was getting into trouble with the police for truancy in loitering late at night. Just kind of petty. Little things is truancy not going to school. You're gonNA say something so much worse than like going to school. I mean it's just like skipping school. If like a police officer sees you at ten thirty in the morning on a Thursday when there's clearly schools like hey so what the fuck are you doing name? I thought I told you what because this is my United Kingdom of whatever it is his United Kingdom or whatever he was Liam Lynch in the shootout no less he was well then it progressed into breaking and entering he started to go from like these petty little things to be a little. Bit Harder Yeah. He ran with a crowd that would be on the lookout for any homes where no one was there. And then they would rob the place but like occupied. Yeah yeah yeah like someone vacation they would notice all the lights are off and it's six o'clock at night and they're like nobody's home right now. Cool we should still from them all right. Let's do that. I think that's how you still don't know. So he wasn't murdering people he was doing actual murder. He resigned doing actual. Who's doing actual robbing not actual murder? But what landed him behind bars? Some small skill money loitering or money laundering. Oh so he was alone shirk to no not even a loan shark. He and his friends would forge fifty quid notes and then use them at convenience stores so they could get the change. Yeah that's this was before they had those color changing pens Gotcha like the seventies eighties. Tricky wasn't one hundred percent. Sure exactly what went down. But it seems to him that his friend got caught in snitched on him as well. Oh thanks Frendo. Snitch is get stitches. Do except tricky. When do that this landed him two months in the youth wing of the prison and seeing how he was only seventeen at the time? Yeah that makes sense. Yeah even though. It sounds like a pretty short sentence. It was enough to get tricky scared straight ensuring he would not involve himself in the criminal life again could yeah like want one of the few people that scared straight worked for. So where was this misfit kid to turn to for self expression an outlet from day to day life where to go music of course? Oh Yup that's how you go. Kids just do music. Yeah do the music. Don't do. Don't forget fifty quid notes. You're going to get caught so quick or actual murder. Just play music. Mortar people with your sweet sounds on your guitar. 'cause that's not actual murder that's just music growing up. Tricky listen to a lot of reggae and Billie Holiday Inn Marvin Gaye and all that like when he would visit his dad then he was in his mid teens and he slowly gravitated to prince buster as well as we bands like the four skins. That's a great name man. Yeah you can you some of you might see where I'm going with this or his musical tastes for gravitating to because we all have that band right. The ban we discover and it changes everything. It gets deep in our core. We carry that with us for the rest of our lives. I'll I'm so I'm so intrigued. And for tricky. Who is it? That band was the specials. Oh okay I figured you would make some kind of Scott comment Scott. I don't know enough about the specials to make fun of them but like Scott but Scott. I WON'T DAN BY SKOP. You'll skank by sky will always buy the thing about the specials is that they were one of the first bands that he was exposed to where he saw people of. Color and whites playing together. That is one thing. I do have to commend Scott for the really transcended the racial barrier when it came to inclusion. Yeah they don't give a fuck. Yeah it's like if you can play a fucking instrument then yeah you're going to be in this band. I don't even know what you play. You know what you don't even have to play if you ask on stage and hyper Chad. Eight men that's I see. Defense Scott Donna hype his lost on me but pick your pick it up. Pick it up again to the row. We're picking up a sky but you can pick up change in a mosh pit to know you can almost what's going on. You're taking your life in your hands. Dropped all them quarters in your pocket. Does I say goodbye. Somebody else got that Shit but if you drop all those coins and a Skop it they're going to pick them up remake. Oh you draft all these. You have change of course. Sky's the perfect music for being. Excuse me stuff nicest Scoppetta my life. I mean pits and Scott. Scott Peterson escaped rented a circle. This is wonderful that's hilarious. It's wonderful so sweet it is. We like it but like yeah wake were saying this whole breaking down of any racial barriers. Eight really spoke to tricky. Because it's very much what is life is no less is predominantly white right but oh it is. It is okay yes. It's still lower class but only white lower class but then he would visit his father in Saint Paul's and it was predominantly black lower class. Either way yellow poor okay. What field was this close to Bristol? Okay this is all in England and don't forget his family's mixed as well so there was this element of never really knowing where he belonged. He would be stopped by the police for being black but then called out by his black friends for acting to weigh in so he just never knew my lifelong identity crisis. Yeah and here's the thing shouldn't fuck it matter. Yeah he's a fucking person. Yeah more or less story. Reese doesn't fucking matter. Yeah you're fucking person. Thank you for coming in my tedtalk. So needless to say seeing these guys come together on stage spoke to tricky on a whole new level. But not just that what they were singing about getting chased on the street. Stay OUT LATE. At clubs. Were exactly the types of activities that he was getting up to. At the time I listened more and more tricky began to feel that this was something he could do to not Scott in particular but have some sort of involvement in creating music. These guys were self taught and just living their passion. So why couldn't he? Yeah so going. To shows became life for tricky. He and a friend began squatting in different locations selling weed to make enough cash for train or a bus to get to the next place in check out another group..

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