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Everyone's in bed with krona virus news articles have stated dozens of cases. A large number of cases, so they can't be specific, so that's the information they're getting. From people in the area, and like sorta leaks that have gone out there estimating up to sixty cases now this matches Tokyo for the same day that that newspaper article went out. So one military base. Matched the city of Tokyo for the number of cases. then. It was reported that they were thirty two cases up the next day, so I don't know why they gave you that one because they said we have an undetermined number, but plus thirty two the next day, and that puts them over ninety, which actually means this one base in Okinawa ended up having more cases than Tokyo in the same day. America. You know they're really killing it with Corona, and they've imbued that upon their soldiers, so whatever the soldiers are doing. They're not being safe about I bet. The soldiers aren't wearing masks. I bet they're not being forced to wash their hands and Hanson hand sanitizer all the time. And if you know the image holds. Like these are sort of more conservative people, there sort of trump followers, and they believe what trump says. They are less likely to protect themselves. And that would explain why. Corona virus is now decimating this Okinawan base. The weird side note is people in Okinawa. They hate these military bases. They don't want them there. They think it sort of makes them a target. I think it brings war to essentially trying to be a peaceful area. So I. Don't know if they're happy about it I. Think what they're worried about. IS PEOPLE COMING OFF BASE AND SPREADING CORONA VIRUS? Because if they have that many cases, it's obviously they're not taking care of themselves if they're not taking care of themselves, they're not going to be worried about other people. Further Corona Virus News. I can't get away from it. That's actually been all the news this week. So honestly it is odd facts about corona virus sort of things that are happening because of it. you will remember I. Think was last. I think it was two weeks ago. I talked about I installed. Coca, which is an APP contact tracing out for Japan and it had problems when it was first released because it wasn't doing his job. And the point is, people have downloaded and use it. and the majority of people's asked me like sixty percent seventy percent, maybe seventy five percent for it to be actually effective. Promise the APP doesn't work. So it's been. It's been suspended again. There was a bug with the input information. So. If I get corona buyers, I can track the disease. I'm given a number. I'm supposed to put that number into the APP and then. That number would then register with anyone who's had contact with me, but it's that number is separate from everything else, so it's the ideas that keep my personal information private, but then people who've been in contact with me. You can then take care of themselves and get themselves checked. It apparently does not recognize that number, so no alert ever went out so even if I got corona virus, and I followed all the steps, and I put in my number. no-one be alerted. Because didn't actually recognize the input so. This is garbage now. I downloaded it and I tried to get other people to download it because you know the whole point is a majority of people have to have it, but even if you downloaded apparently doesn't do anything so. At that point who cares? There were only six point eight million downloads, and again in the country, one hundred thirty two million people. That's not that many. There's a motorcycle going outside. The kid next door. All Right! He got a new motorcycle awhile ago. He's very excited about it. He will spend time just revving the engine. He just wants to hear that sweet noise of the motorcycle. Okay call me ninety nine. Comma cat is a big collection. I only ever looked at it on the Internet for pictures of girls and costly. Being very honest about that is the only bit that interest me, but what? It really is a selling comics, I would make comics at home and I would sell them. My original comics rip comics, and there was kind of like a. it's kind of like a blind eye. If you sell your rip-off comic, so let's say I'm the creative Nado toe and you create your. Ship, comic and you sell it at copycat. There is actually very good chance I won't say anything or I will come after you legally because it's kind of understood, that says what happens there in his for young artists, new artists to get their workout, and you know where you can buy really weird creepy stuff. It is also where you can buy really good stuff, and there's a lot of girls wearing not very much closed because their cost playing girls who don't wear a lot of close. Not that that's the part you should focus on. Comic Ninety nine has been of course canceled. And it will be. They're going to wait until golden week twenty twenty one. That's next May. And that's when they're going to have it. They're going to have a virtual version, but again the virtual version. No one really knows what that means, and you can't sell physical copies. The whole point is I could go there by physical copy of comic and take it home and actually read it. It's not going to be the same selling that over the Internet. So that's going to be hard for people who actually do make some money off, comment. Scary result of Corona virus and the whole lockdown and people being scared and quite reasonably I'm not actually saying this is a wrong idea. It's just a scary consequence. People have been not vaccinating their kids because the coronavirus. It's not because of coronavirus because they're like. I don't WanNa. Take my kid to a clinic or other sick people who might have corona virus, and then we all get corona virus. This the last couple of months. Since. Vaccination is mandatory in Japan. You actually have to legally. You have to vaccinate your kids. You can't not vaccinate your kids. Because their fear of infection, thirty three percent of the people didn't vaccinate now. That's not to say. They're opposed to vaccination facts, most Japanese people because it's a legal requirement because it's a sort of a normal thing, they don't even think about it. You just vaccinate your kids. This is an interesting case for anti vaccines because they say it causes autism. Causes all these kinds of problems. If that were true, you would have a significant spike of autism and things like that in Japan compared to America, which.

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