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Definitely the from what? I've heard it's like I knew that. No one had put on like a hinky vote against Dave because he didn't come back in the next episode raging. Screaming would have. But if you can't you can't blindsided like if he's not willing to go then you're putting him into probably wouldn't challenge back all or to be not voting as you find out the answer rules and he has an idol so like they just and that's where. I found it really irritating that episode. Mrs Serrano what happened. It's not as if I would ever think that in my right mind is just not gonNA happen so I didn't understand that to be honest. John the May it was about Potentially if I did send data was about waking him if I did send him the potential that he might not come back into the game but I just thought it was too many That and why would you do that? Because why would you send him off and then making disgruntled and what you add as a result For me there was already damaged on Muzak. Sars in exotic Zoll wasn't GonNa really hurt me any more Sorry I thought not sendak takes all and chose was on board with that obviously because he was arrested today than Thanh N. sorry Venza on my Gosh. I don't know why keep it was such a strange. It was a strange edit as you said because they never turned the voice again and then they try to make. It seem like this. Dave was like he didn't know about it. Came from your from Jack. Even as you and David said he came from sack like it was obviously part of the plan if they had been willing to go to exile was like at least not as adamant not having gone for that to happen. Because you wouldn't have had to piss him off without causing him all for you. Originally both of them said they would guard but then Dave changed his students. And now I don't WanNa Gar and exact change these true and he was like no. I don't want but then went right so it was weird. The whole dynamic beforehand was weird Thompson and I witnessed that and then had multiple conversations as a result but yes. If David said willingly he wanted to guard and was genuine in that then that would have been all right because obviously he wouldn't have been out a comeback disgruntled. Because I said Jim you said you wanted to guard. But that wasn't the case he didn't WanNa Gar and then that was one of the reasons why I was never gonNa send him there because I didn't want that as an issue to deal with in my opportunity to Being that alliance became even more so the three of us were wrecked. Tarzan may die and we got in that time together. A camp to get off which always provides a really opportunity to forge relationships even closer than they were before. Sorry Yeah I felt weird because at first I was. I thought really does help the minority. Because it did. He gave them time then. Also I think how people like an extreme power Dave who had an idle because it was like a two for one voice so you couldn't put them there in the first place because you would always them also then it ended up being better people like Zach and CNN to a degree. Like it wasn't great for you because at this vote which could have been crucial final nine and it was like all over the place and who knows what could have happened. Yeah Absolutely I. I think that's exactly Rosh. Yeah yes such a strange week was telling me it was. I was very strange but it does harm. Jackie is GONNA flip. She's going to tell you and Mo and you come up with this plan something that you credited in your final tribal council that. I really liked this plan. Even though people wouldn't kind of rising at the final tribal council. We're GONNA keep your words as they should be not tell anyone the plan so what was with process and that. Yeah well I just thought it was a really good opportunity to take him out of the game because again Zach was someone that I wanted at time. I knew we had a bad history in that sense that we weren't getting along with the guy that he wanted me out at various points. So I thought okay. Here I get to tighten Zach out but without blood on my hands. Jackie looks like the trader is the trader But if I keep my mouth shut. Dive doesn't find out about it then. I'm fine I'm sorry that's exactly what I let happen and that is what happened. And then that's why then. I want to Jackie even more SAR the next part. Because I didn't want any chance to for Jackie to spill the beans as to what had happened. I don't know why she didn't go until Dave. I mean that would be the first thing I would have gone and said you know Sean you about that. Because one thing that also wasn't evident in the In the Edit Shannon was I I broke and Shaun. He knew that I knew that Jackie was going to do that. And they knew that I let it slide. Sorry in some ways that helped me do trust with them which is why. I think they actually believed me. When I was saying to them I was going to work with them because they knew that I let that. Go through the keep out. They knew that I knew. The Jackie was writing Zach And then I just stayed silent silent on that. So after that after that tribal council all of them can often thanked me. And thank you for letting Jackie drew. Thanks for letting it go through when I was like. Yeah so all of those people knew that they didn't tell Dave so. I was very fortunate to not to get away with that kind of confused about how to blow up to be honest multiple. That's exactly the thing I mean. I think when I look at my game and how fight it. It was really tough to get to that position in playing at the way that. I did and I still think wow I mean how did I do that? But it was again my ability just to be outraged. People persuade people were unaided to play that social game and Bay Strategic and it worked. Sorry I I take it very seriously shown time out thing what I need to say to be attractive and keep them onsides. Yeah Yeah and he joins much of your game is about like killing the witnesses off. You know well yes you have to as soon as you make that move. Okay where's the fallout? And how do I get rid of? You have to think of it in that way because otherwise it can bring you. I'm done and that's why I was then going health litter to say everything that I needed to say to convince. I broken Shawny too tight Jackie out. Because I didn't want Jackie left in the game. You Yeah how much Zach thing about Zach and how much was it about weakening Dave? It was yeah. I think probably equal pots because like I said I had been rebuilding our relationship with Zach. I thought ultimately he would want me out because he had tried to but at the same time I needed to take him out of the equation so that I could take that dive because I or the David WanNa Take Zak. Maybe you know as far as into the game as he could and then I would be disposable at some point whereas if I became more value today than I would be kept around. So that was yeah. That was my motivation. Yeah so we're going to get to. I think one of the controversial episode. You've discussed why he want Jackie to go home. The plan is a four three one. I think you'll hoping that Jackie can measure the name's Jackie is going to vote with you. So you can just voter out nocholas. Will you hoke or did you think? Look it's weird because I'm always optimistic in heart just generally in lash friend so I always like to hold onto that optimism. That I did that. There was a real chance. We'RE GONNA go to Rox because I had come to me and mentioned that to me and that was a pretty good indicator with Jackie was within sorry I thought I'm being a bit of trouble. Here are yeah I was harmful thing and I was doing her ear about doing the right thing. Right up to tribal bought yeah. She flipped. Sorry I had to do what I had to do. Which everyone is now? Well Yeah you really. Don't want to go to that we know. Did you evidence it up flipping yourself like if you've flipped originally if you flip on the river you end up. We talked about it in the exit. You end up telling ties and that you want you should vote from. Oh you really didn't want to go to Rox. Why never write down? Mos name if the of self nation was so high. Yeah yeah sure because at that moment you think I could be going hard like this is the thing. If I don't then I got harm So you do want to preserve your position because there's only one ever at the end of the day so it was that it was about self preservation but at the same time. I was struggling with that because Mari was my ally. And my closest ally out there at that point Sorry I didn't want to write her name down And that's why I couldn't do it. I just couldn't write it down in that moment Which is something that friendship and just like I can't do it. Which is always chosen else. I cannot do it. Yeah I just wanted to save my skin and Yeah that's why it happened in that way then. But that's why they went to town and trying to convince the others to Jackie and luckily I could call on life skills. Persuasiveness and Yeah that ability to to drive that. Harm this point. 'cause ends up being amused but had the void being photon. Would you flipped You mean year David Taivon's but if either of them was over and the votes of them would you flipped at that point Tanaka Roxy but wasn't mo might have baton instead of. Yeah because I mean I. I was happy to take out at that point and I felt that I could have had this. We'd like AK and that that would have been preserved. So yeah it's interesting isn't it? How do you think about someone else's being the the focus of the At might change your your expected. Ben Are Potentially yes. Essentially Dave Let.

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