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Attleboro downright to test the idea of no more snow days. 11 year old Peyton Kelly says Kids deserve a break from remote learning. What do you think of them? Taken away Your snow days? No, no, Come on. That's like one of the things that like we can look forward to, I guess, because then we could just get you like playing this now this 10 year old can think of other things he'd rather be doing on snow days initially, um with him, Kim Tana Cliff W. B Z Boston's News Radia 5 18 cases of Koven 19 continuing to rise across the state and with them coming a number of scams. And money grabs connected to the virus. More details on that from W. B. C's Kriss Farm, a better business bureau tells us it will look like a normal text, which will come from a local number. But it's not. And it hasn't And if you click on the link, you're going to wish you hadn't you are knowingly will download malware onto your either computer or you're smart device, your phone and that's not all this game. Like most is cash hungry. We have been told by people that they've been asked for financial information, you know, to pay a small amount up front in return. Well, then direct deposit money into your account, Paula Fleming says. Hundreds have already been hooked and urges people to think twice. Don't click the link. Take a step back. Do your due diligence go to BBB dot or from further details. Chris Palmer W B. C. Boston's news radio ad 5 19 shock waves around the world following a report that both Popes Benedict and John Paul, the second were aware of sexual misconduct allegations against Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. But did nothing to stop his meteoric rise through the church. W. B. C's Karen Regal, telling us the case against the now defrocked cardinal is not without Boston Times, 2015. Cardinal Sean O'Malley was sent a letter from a victim detailing the abuse suffered at the hands of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. O'Malley says he never saw the letter and has since apologized. O'Malley heads the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Children. And has said in the past, What happened with McCarrick must never happen again. Karen Regal W. B Z Boston's NewsRadio Mitch Care Obedient is an attorney representing victims in the Boston area during the Catholic priest sex abuse scandal, he says the Vatican report Sadly, not the end of the story, take away their ops, and it's just criminality by criminals. This report calls for an investigation of why the cover up amongst bishops and cardinals and the Vatican was allowed to exist for decades. The report largely appears to absolve Pope Francis from any blame. Meantime, at 5 20, the Middlesex Sheriff's Office among the many remembering mental health worker, Matthew Turco, who passed away unexpectedly. It was a 15 year veteran in a very important line ofwork questions this morning surrounding the integrity of the US Census count here in Massachusetts. W. B. C's Matt sure has that story. Over the weekend. A census worker from native told The Associated Press that she was instructed by her boss to submit false information about the city of Framingham. Citizen participation officer Olla Abu solid, never expected to hear that news. We have had a great working relationship all especially according to the census taker. Her supervisor demonstrated how to close cases without even visiting the household. She objected but was told that they were on a tight deadline. Abu Saleh says the city of Framingham is now seeking guidance from the state. We can't speculate on anything. We We need the facts before we come to any conclusion, she says. Secretary Galvin's office is investigating. Match here. W b z Boston's news radio We've got big problems already on the mass pike eastbound in Natick. All lanes air closed will tell.

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