Osama, China, Vietnam discussed on WTF with Marc Maron Podcast - Episode 845 - Ken Burns & Lynn Novick


He is the humility of hindsight with even the most hawkish people that you talk to buy it was was profound that that it it was almost it seem like there was a period of time and i think you talked about it in how this works seen culturally and historically that you know once you talk to the guys who were involved in it in the women who were involved in it you know what you find is that you know it was horrible on both sides there was mutual respect and and dead there is a shame to at all they had to be open osama sat yeah i mean no over the accumulation of the ten years of working on this found in china and understand what happened which was no small task for us and everyone that we worked with you know we went to the wall many times so know you see those 58000 names and you think about every single family represented by one of those named than what does that mean we only toll a few of those stories in the film and that was enough but then you go to the at nominee think about three million died and they had 300000 messing and you know it's exponentially more tragic for them that it is for us in this not like there's a contest but you begin to kind of accumulate the weight of loss and grief and how people live with that and manage it how societies live with at how countries over there have families individual in the chaos because this was really a territorial war this was not we got that country we held this lives of whom so most group says that in our fifth episode is at war is real estate business meeting you take territory right as you do not like to get wounded a second dime harani hill you've already taken and that is one of the aspects that makes the vietnam for the american strategies such a disaster in india or were got were flying back in the history give it the fact that they knew yolk pretty pre clearly that it was unwinnable in the mid 60s.

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