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News time is 300 three from the kelocom news center i'm nick hill to people and a pickup have been killed in a fiery headon collision with a semi near wellington springs the authorities say a pickup had crossed the center line and struck the rig the truck driver is but allies in sioux falls with lifethreatening injuries many of the recent traffic fatalities in south dakota have been a result of not wearing seatbelts highway patrol superintendent colonel craig price says it does not take long to be safe for second the put your seat card started up and those might be the most of the state troopers are on the road to watch for those not belted in we want to make sure that everybody does it so so he's taken a very aggressive the horseman at an agency we wanna do anything we can hopefully people toward making those choices that we see every day price says they are also stepping up enforcement of distracted driving laws unfortunately the south dakota drought is expected to drag on in the weeks ahead state climatologist more edwards i hate to be a debbie downer in these situations that are already it look like warmer than average temperatures are are more likely it go had edwards says she is keeping our fingers crossed for even average rainfall in august because that would be some good news for acp producers a report from the minnesota legislative auditor's office shows that the minnesota state high school league is calling for lower rental prices for the venues they used to host tournaments k s t p tv reports that auditor's office is encouraging lawmakers to take a closer look at the use of minnesota stadiums while some facilities are free the league pays to use most other facilities it costs more than four hundred and sixty thousand dollars to use various university of minnesota facilities.

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