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A neighbor is like a long-term contract with people. And that leaf person has got to be shut down. But I know it was funny actually, my mom, there's something in her place years ago, there was a neighbor next door, and then they were talking to you, come over, you know, whatever. And then they stopped talking. They stopped like, the neighbors stopped talking to my mom. And my mom's home, she's like, yeah, she didn't talk to me no more. And then like, a couple years later, as they were leaving maybe like moving out or something, finally, it was kind of like, hey, why don't we talk? And the woman, the neighbor was like, well, you left a letter saying that I wasn't picking up the leaves on my side because it was like a big tree that covered both sides or whatever. And my mom was like, I didn't do that. I would never do that. She was like, I know you. I would literally knock on your door and say to you, get your leaves. I would not like put a note under your door. Get your leaves, girl. Get your leaves, girl. That's the title. All this time they could have been friends. Yes. And there were friends and the woman she just never talked to. It was an interloper. It was probably somebody like, 'cause you know some people with certain blocks, you know, or like, keep the block pretty. And so I think it was like somebody and the person didn't sign it, obviously. It's like an anonymous interview. That it was the next river, yeah. That's what I'm saying. You have to get in and clear your name. Also. Get in there. Get in there and plead innocent. Yes, find the one arm man. And what's there a 100% sure that it's the bad neighbor, then don't be like, it's definitely the bad neighbor, but if you see it with your own eyes. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Or put a video video that I'm doing it. I was gonna say it. And then put that on YouTube. A monetize it. Monetize it. Everyone one question or one thing, I don't know. It feels like so much work if you already got all the leaves together to put them someplace else. You're so close. The trash, you're so close, no? Maybe they have a beef. And that's also another thing that you need to be clear about because you don't know if they have a beef because that is a great point of this person gathered leaves. And could have just put them shits in the trash, but chose to put them on this neighbor's line. You don't know because in my neighborhood, a lot of the neighbors were having sex with each other and we found out. 20. Kind of fun. Desperate Housewives vibes. Mysterio lane..

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