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Ass again how would you guide me through that which I realize absolutely ridiculous example but I figured. I might as well you know yeah. Sure one. All right So as I said, the first I would think about is like the contexts like. Day that you guys tend to play NBA Two K. Twenty. Think about like how is that your most alert time Don. Definitely. Not so the so then what I would start to do is there's a method that I've used, which is kind of. Dragging your alertness into that time of day. So for instance, if there's something that you tend to do at like an alert time of day so for I'll give you my example I used to do crosswords every morning when and then I started having to do these When? James Cole Tower was on jeopardy I was asked to do all these interviews and they were always at like eleven o'clock on CNN right because it was like after all the real news happen they wanted to talk about this crazy thing happening on jeopardy I was really tired so for like the during the time that he was on the show I, started doing my crossword puzzles at like ten or eleven at night to bring my like alertness to that time of day. So what I would start doing is First of all find like whether it's reading or doing what checking your emails. There's something that you tend to do when you're alert done trying to do some of that at the time when you are normally GonNa play NBA eight twenty. First thing. Thing is I would do is start to breakdown. different aspects of what the game NBA Two K. Twenty is asking you to do. So if there are certain things that you aren't good at if there are ways to like essentially, drills are the drills. What you're doing is you're just scrimmaging right every night and you're just getting beat and you're not actually building individuals skills. You're just kind of like trying to do everything all at once. So if there are ways for you to find a way to drill and it might be derailing under the game. There you go. So spend some time drilling. I think people like people tend to overemphasize one of the other like. They tend to drill a lot and not scrimmage, and then when they're in like a real world game situation, they don't. they can't put it together or they scrimmage a lot and they're not drilling. So they're not actually like building they're not doing any skill building. They're kind of like going through it Those are kind of that's a balancing act to figure out and I mean. Just. Trying to think I because I'm not a big video gamer some. Video game stuff. But I think I would start I mean that's like a great place to start out also try to figure out like I would maybe get on Youtube. Watch like rate in there. People I know people poster our twitter whatever like. People were really good. What are they doing? You know what are they doing? That's different than what we're doing your or whatever. I did a lot of that like I think. If, you look at like think of yourself as an athlete, think of yourself as an elite athlete I thought to myself when I was getting ready to the jeopardy tournament of champions like I was in Olympic athlete and I approached my abrasion like that, and I think why not like why not think I am training for the Olympics of NBA Two K. Twenty and you go to the locker room and you watch the state you wash the ABC. Oh, on that was interesting like how do I do that and then you try to figure that out. And really be systematic about it. The other thing I would think about is ritual. When you're doing the practice stuff when you're playing, what how can you build rituals that allow you to reset when something bad happens or just like get? Make something become muscle memory. pitchers do this all the time right we see. I mean I'm not a sports guy either really but. The whole, the way that pitchers like setup. In baseball it like. It all. It's a big kind of like anxiety management and stress management thing but it also allows everything that comes after to be Kinda automatic golf is another thing where like the way that the Golfer sets up in front of the ball or a tennis player the number of times they bounce the ball before they served it's all kind of like. Queuing up automatic behaviors, right. So as opposed to being. In the middle of the NBA Two K. Twenty play and trying to figure it out. You're like okay. Like I'm GonNa do my like. Deep. Breath in tap my foot depress out and inbound the ball and like everything that happens after that is automatic. Yeah. Well, it's funny. You say that. The the Games where my roommate has big leads and I ended up beating him are the ones where he starts to lose his composure like that is his downfall. He's much better that right now. But that I know for sure is as downfall is that I can keep my composure even with like an eighteen point deficit and come back from it because I've done whereas you know when he just starts getting irate, it's kind of Larry both of us have our. What are the ways to needle him to I talked to? In small ways. You know you're why? Not? Like it's it's a game to play the game. You know what do they play the play the player not the ball supported the player. Should. Pretty. NBA floor from what I hear. Yeah, totally. So it's like it's even if he's up by a huge lead if you do some like. Buffet move and it just makes him look like a fool. Rub It in. I don't know I'm I'm I'm. I'm I'm definitely know part of me is like, are there any cheat codes? I'm just like what I'm here I'm here to light is winning is what it's about. You figure it out. What is it? A. Little honey on his control. From. You know like. I mean you want to win outright right? We don't want to win outright. So I'm Kinda joking but I'm also my like. Beyond just what's happening in the game as well? What's happening within what's happening with you I think you know that's kind of part of what what goes on in the context stuff. I, think, part of my success was just like I. I being a musician I think really helped me learn how to keep my composure on stage how to work through will making mistakes in performance situation and so like I could kinda like. I was very kind of nonchalant apparently nonchalant. In a situation that was extremely stressful for other people and and in a way my nonchalance made them more stress because it made it made it kind of heightened their own self consciousness about how stress they were. So for the sake of my sister I have to ask you her question. Yeah. Pretty, and then will go onto a more practical example because I think anybody listening to you about it. With my MBA getting educate tips will help all. Let me report back to you because we literally we play tournament every week where we pick three teams and you know he's basically held the championship for five straight tournaments when I'm really annoyed. NYPD. Yeah. My other roommate doesn't give a shit anymore. He's like you guys are idiots but. But anyway. I figured given your background was like this one go to. I mean I'm like I'm a nut for this stuff. So I'm excited to ear what works and what doesn't it. So my sister wanted to know how you decided what anecdotes you would share after the first commercial break, and then she said some people say the strangest things and I'll always wonder what's the one thing that you would choose to share about yourself on national TV Yes. So the way it works as they once. Once you get cast to be on the show they send you a free long questionnaire and it starts out with like what are five interesting things.

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