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And john clark. What say you when it comes to this verified vaccine facility program in larimer county. I'm a little confused about what they're trying to get the before. I say that i love that. Hit me with your best shot. I once was on the air. I dedicated death to former vice president. Dick cheney but that's okay all right back to the shots. Those were the other shots. I'm reading a memo the sporting out of lerma county. That says that the board meant that being the health board of health yesterday and decided to put this whole thing on hold until further input So it just gets more confusing. All the time all started when the reinstituted. The mask Right but you had to wear a mask. And so in order to. I guess ameliorate that or soften the blow or whatever. They came up with this plan. That if you get a organization or police or whatever ninety five percent of the people who come there and frequent there have proven to show some kind of proof that they have seen. Yeah that's right well and i. Yes we those us who are vaccinated have green passport absolutely then then. They could have events where people didn't have to wear miss. This was kinda like you don't like what we're doing. Then here's another option korea. I read what business had to go through or an organization and he had to go through to get that. Exemption was confusing. But it's not. I'm not sure everybody wanna turn this. But nonetheless after that then some of the people who i hang out with county said on all its protests so they have a protest plan now from november i ten to twelve michelle malcolm and another individual. Whose name escapes me at the moment. Who are really into the state Are coming to this. Rally is that would be anti anti vaccination advocate del big tree along with michelle malkin crew. The one thing. I didn't do the team more so so anyway. Now they've kind of been preempted again for that event by what. I'm reading this morning about the board of health yesterday. My my plan in this whole thing is simple. Just recall three conditioners the county They're the ones that are ultimately responsible. And maybe letting the board of health take the hit for this Those people who are members of that board of health are appointed by their county commissioners commissioners have full administrative legislative and judicial responsibility in a forty in a county that state law. And so so. Let's let's not take import time gonzales. Just turned to do his job as the director of the health department. And these these board health people This this is the christner's in front teeth in and get their attention to re start to recall was my thought Hasn't really caught on talking about. It just seems reasonable. I think some people don't understand the world concerts probably having this well and what. What role do they play in this john well they had to have signed off on this any organization like somebody who works for them like director of the health department. If he's working in an not telling them what he's doing and there are at least giving this tacit approval I think he'd be in big trouble. I'm still a commissioner and somebody pulled something like this and didn't let me get in the and then participate either to say whoa. Whoa or oh crew. Cool great idea. I might be very well. Here's i think if we just boil it down to its simplest common denominator it is the seemingly capricious and arbitrary nature of a wearing mass or not wearing masks as the case may be. I don't wanna get too far in the weeds on this but I go to the piece that i pulled out of the fort collins colorado in in which the talked to to One mr manley okay and this gentleman trying to find what his title is because boy Talked to a bunch of them but he said that you know as of friday when all of this was at least floated oh environmental health director. Here he is. Chris manley said the county had received about fifty applicants from businesses wanting to be part of the program. That again here. We go with the inconsistencies Saying manley did that. The county hasn't had much pushback from businesses on the program largely because it's optional participation in that most of the questions county health fielded are around logistics of implementing the requirement. But he went on to say. There's some flexibility where mask-wearing doesn't have to be twenty four seven all the time they can build that out in a way that they feel best suits either their employees or their customers giving an example of a bar seeking to be part of the program. Will they could get one night a week to allow for vascular stereo kariuki. Meaning all those who go into the bar might need proof of vaccination but otherwise operates normally and would require mass on other nights. What's i read that story. I came out of that with the headache. I exactly i mean. I mean to say it boggles. The mind is a bit of understatement acts. Yeah this whole thing is just nuts. Only my mind here. Here's the bottom line of this larimer. County has reached a over a hundred percent of capacity and their medical facilities for treatment of this in other words because a tear units which is where the people have big troubles in. that's something obviously. We need to be concerned about well. Yeah and so then it comes back to the fact that up until for for months and months and months when this thing i broke the the federal government had funded the installation of two hundred hospital beds over at the ranch. The the the first national bank building Th the the two exhibition halls were rebuilt with oxygen and electricity and may in hospital there the made into an intensive care unit and then after that was there for about six months they tore it all out right saying had hundreds of hundreds of the same kinds of things in the denver convention. Tore it all out okay. So then you have to say okay. Is this problem of so many people who are in the situation of having problems with coded.

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