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Uh she she's like wait you're separate yourself from the parasite which is crazy miozzi you're not supposed to be able to do that and he says a issues like you are and he's like feeling and more than anything the jet i feel free is just awesome like super cool very classic feeling star wars moments when he strikes down the evil queen anne affirs looking ominous holding yet what uh really cool stuff their big battles blacker sat and then uh han solo like trying to do his stuff to it there's also like that the parasites get inside you so they have to get the parasite out and horse uh we've got you know the droid and they're they're doing all kinds of dangerous dangerous stuff uh what's his name triplezero with the like he basically jabs a syringe into the back of solo's neck nakiele as gross just super cost stuff it's really fun those great moment as bta uh a bt eight or eighty bt i think um like a happy droid spinning away after burning everything and like just the the sound affect which kudos to who did the joe karam anya a press like a simple mike way to do bleep but between the art and that the uh the the leading like you can tell that that's a happy droid who has burned everything it's really great uh really good character stuff awesome moma between 'afrand sauna um did we know about that yeah we did i get centerset socrates awesome israel some really interesting emotional style it's it did i don't think they've ever been totally explicit about soggy at a there's been a lot of.

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