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I'm in Kate's and I'm Susanna Palmer from Bloomberg world headquarters hunter Biden in an effort to avoid conflicts of interest is stepping down from the board of a Chinese backed private equity company and promising to forego all foreign work that's if his father former U. S. vice president Joe Biden is elected president and twenty twenty this after months of keeping a relatively low profile as president Donald Trump has accused him over and over again of corruption charges which have been de bont UK prime minister Boris Johnson told his cabinet today that it breaks the deal is achievable Johnson said that while a pathway to an agreement could be seen there is still a significant amount of work required and the U. K. must be ready to leave on October thirty first in Brussels EU officials were briefed on the talks had not made enough progress and that the U. K. proposals were falling short of what is required for a deal negotiations are due to continue into Monday president Donald Trump said the U. S. is ready to go with more sanctions on Turkey in response to its incursion into Syria there's after his defense secretary said the president ordered a deliberate withdrawal of troops from northern Syria to keep them out of harm's way trump said he could impose powerful sanctions if Turkey does anything in Syria the US considers to be off limits come Monday traders and investors will continue to digest a bit of optimism on the trade front China agreed Friday to more than double its annual purchases of American agricultural products to as much as fifty billion dollars in return Beijing convinced the U. S. to waive another terror increase set for this week but import taxes on all remaining Chinese shipments starting December fifteenth are still.

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