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Fifty. Eight hundred range maybe sixty. Two hundred guys don't want the key areas. I think like sixty seven hundred. I think we're just going down though. You know, the one thing that I've really kind of watched and this is something whenever crypto Twitter, it gets a little too onto something a setup and the whole crowd is onto it. Usually it's gonna flop. This is just something you know what? I'm sure many other people have noticed before too. When the whole crowd gets onto one setup in one play, it's usually not gonna work in favor of the crowd who's Mike is just a Muffin around your face. This is just terrible. Dale fixate, Luke fix him, Luke Martin. But here's the thing, right? So everybody's been going on about the Wyckoff accumulation phase. Everyone in their dog is posted a charter boat, right? Oh, look this where we're now going up and we're going to go up and we're going to go over thirteen k and boom. You know what? We've just finished the spring. Well. Everyone's watching that everyone is seeing the same thing. Right? And now you got all of crypto Twitter, getting all excited about this too. So what you know Mr. market wants to flip the bird to as many people as possible. Well, again, let's just dump it as everyone thinks. You know, it's like I think we're setting up to be in that l. l. p. s. zone which would have been, you know, kind of throwback and then it would have gone higher from there and we were getting this throwback. I think there was a lot of people loading up right saying, okay, well, let's get some long because this is the LVS throwback on the Wyckoff accumulation phase is kinda sketch what is now PS throwback that either Nydia last point support or something like that. Fuck of asked me, but it's PSE look at this look at the schematic and. Schematic you look at it. Okay, damn. And everybody is going for this whole point and it's like right on point. It's got to be the exact at up, right? And now it's just gone way low and I think people are like, oh, crap, maybe that's not. Are we going to get another spring another white offspring because everyone was talking about the spring awhile ago. You know, it could have been the spring, but I don't know. Is it going to be the spring or we're gonna have a new spring who the hell knows. Right. So this is the thing when everybody gets a little too onto something little too excited for something. Maybe you gotta start wondering about it. Barney. Yeah, Barney message me and said, why do you guys have to start at three AM. Barney the boy anyways. Yeah, so prince, I can't believe you didn't know that abbreviation you're talking about it. I'm guessing what last point support or something like that? It's been awhile since I really dive deep into Wyckoff, so. Okay. What are you? You don't know what it is that do I asked. Well, don't ask me stupid shipment as stupid questions. Get stupid answer right. Prince, you had a deep why coffees for like all about why it was good for a while until everybody else got into it. Prince crowd in the trades. Why was it was really good for a while and it just it's like, I don't know, you know, and I wasn't the first one to notice it. And this was a few months back there is somebody else on Twitter notice it as like, oh, shit, okay, that's kind of interesting. And then and it was it was, you know, it was playing out and it was playing out nicely. But yeah, whenever somebody whenever the one thing gets a little too crowded, you know, you kind of go to get a little worried and the same goes for coins. Whenever you see a coin, just getting talked about non-stop non-stop. Yeah, yeah, nonstop yet you gotta be a little concerned when you know it's like, okay, everybody in their dog is in this trade with me, is it really going to be that profitable if everybody is in it with me? Well. Yeah, out Rick. Go to hell. So here's someone said in here, bitcoin is tanking because of the delay that would be low roller scratcher, said that, what are you guys thinking that I go ahead and wait until after?.

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