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You talk about it pelosi's the best source of local state national and international news on the radio is 12 fifty wtma we have traffic i an accident and in fact dorchester road at middle kingdom boulevard also an ongoing problem 25th he's down but his way up at the one seventy we're seeing traffic piling up on twenty six eastbound may be everyone's going there were a little earlier than usual said they can skip out earlier than usual for them friday and the weekend anyway guest drive carefully i'm harry bernas 1215 a mix of sun and clouds here today more sunshine the clouds most of the time an eighty nine yes warming humid partly cloudy seventy on on the town on your friday night and got things going on this weekend looks pretty good will see mid to upper 80s partly to mostly sunny saturday and sunday from this joint into weather center this is chief meteorologist romp fowler on twelve fifty wtma the big talker 70 at the big talker twelve fifty wtma and wtma dot com now jeers more of the tma morning show with charlie james one thousand two hundred ten one feet one thousand two hundred in one feat that is the link of the largest containership ever to visit our ports this cma cgm theodore roosevelt was in town this this thing is absolutely massive suzanne wow that's a that's a big ship that's got to be one of the biggest ships in the world well not really how many hits a big when it's a big one but i'm looking at a um a list of.

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