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Into the building this morning yup it actually because of the rain and the missed it actually felt for the first time like a spring morning yeah it sure does temperatures in the forties this morning there's a little chill in the air but it is noticeably warmer than we have been for the past oh i don't know many many weeks we do have a warm up on the way as a warm front lifts through new jersey not necessarily for everyone but it's really gonna start to feel like spring here spotty showers and mostly cloudy skies in the forecast again now north jersey you're gonna get stuck near fifty today not terrible but not really warm sixty degrees for central jersey and along the jersey shore we may pop seventy degrees for inland south jersey today that is more mild tonight lows only fall into the fifties for the most part with clouds sprinkles and fog and then we'll have one more brief shot of rain tomorrow morning as our cult front pushes through then clearing skies with a gusty wind that will start tomorrow warm in the sixties maybe even seventy degrees but falling temperatures take us into the weekend saturday looks like a nice day though sunshine with highs in the mid to upper fifty s new jersey i news time is now five fifteen round the state around the clock these new jersey's first news good morning i'm patrick lavery top stories jersey's first news this morning in jerseys drive you tax you pay crackdown returns this weekend we have details school aid rises above the dan to become the dominant issue at the first public during on these budget and sports sixers beat the knicks net sold off the magic flyers edged the avs rangers lose in overtime and it is opening day finally matt's begin at home yanks in toronto phillies in atlanta your bus stop forecast in new jersey fast traffic next jersey radio you can just call in and say you have to say new jersey one zero one.

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