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In. That was all it was one guy in a pay per view that we had out in phoenix and as we got closer to cannon became the question of what the hell are we gonna do. What what is the hall of fame induction. They were selling tickets to an event to a hall of fame inducting sting but god forbid i asked the question. Okay what is that said curiosity. What what is this. We are selling tickets to and the answer is well. It'll be a nice presentation and dinner and we'll inducting into the hall of fame okay. What exactly does that entail. And the only thing that had been thought out at that point was essentially that we would all get together and give staying watch. And everybody's happy people are gonna pay to eat dinner and have Dried chicken from the marriott. And watch dixie gibbs thing watch so try to get together with folks and tried to come up with some kind of a presentation and try to do something special for staying who is deserving of a hall of fame whether it be tna or wwe or wcw. Whatever he is a hall of famer is career is worthy of that so is trying to lay out a presentation. Who's going to induct him. Who who can we have from his past. Who can we have from his career. And then we have hulk hulk and that's good but since you only have one guy what is your show to the audience that is paying money to come and sit down and see this thing. So we wanted to have more people involved other than hulk in dixie sugata. Aj of all and then the suggestion was made. What about lex luger. Because lex luger was an integral part of stings history. They were good friends and thought it would be nice to have lex there. And she was fine with that but where it became. Tricky was when i said well much. Can we pay lex. And she was little dumbfounded at the suggestion that we might have to pay him anything which. I was a little dumbfounded that she was dumbfounded. Because i'm sitting there thinking here's a guy who's sitting home not doing anything. I don't know that he was hard but he was. Maybe a native money could use the money. And i didn't insult him and say. Hey you wanna come out and eat some really shitty chicken at the marriott name ducky buddy into the hall of fame. we'll pay. We'll pay your airline ticket. But you're going to have to room with bob ryder You know. I just didn't feel that was the way to approach this thing Finally got him a payday and we agreed to pay him something but the interesting thing had a little show pay him something which implies she wound up paying him you had kinda beat her up about to get him a little more. Yes and so we were trying to lay this whole thing out number. I'm talking in generalities about we've got all the talent there and she's like the the question comes back to me before i don't want to catch off again i'm sorry to this lurid and ask for any money. I wanna clarify that. No he didn't. I didn't want to go to him and ask him to do this offering him more. Want somebody to hear this and think oh and was negotiating for more money. That's not absolutely not wanted to go and convince pays guys five grand to do the deal. I don't think that that's super cafe number. If you participate in the hall of fame you're going to check five grand. Thanks for playing I assume that the tna chac was a fraction of that. Whatever you guys gave luger but even getting that to that point was a struggle with dixie. Okay got i didn't want to cut you off. I just didn't want the board to say all lugar negotiated more money. Not sure and so going forward. I'm trying to lay out stuff. And the subject of talent comes up. And someone. And i don't even remember who ask so you asked me i. I really don't remember who asked but they said well do we take the we deduct from the talents pay for the hall of fame banquet. How should we do that. Oh my god the dinner the shady chicken and the sweet tea. Yes you know thinking to myself you've got the this. This is a rib. Well no because it's like twenty four dollars or twenty eight dollars ahead and you want talent to be there and eat for free so it was It was an uphill battle. And finally i went through the craziness of asking talent to show up if you'd like to go to the hall of fame which they should want to go to the hall of fame inducts thing be. They're not gonna ask you pay thirty dollars for shitty chicken and unsweetened and once we get through that and come up with a decision that hey we'll make it an added. A deal will sit the talent with fans in the audience and we'll have a talent per table but dixies come back to that was just ask which talent wanna come and we'll just use the that wanna be there. Some of them probably won't wanna come. Which was insulting to me and insulting to staying. And that's me saying it was insulting staying. Not him saying it I just thought it was shitty. But that's how they did it so laying out this little production and guess who is the only person that shows up on time actually early to go over the show that day ahead of the ceremony. Staying.

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