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Saturday into Sunday, I'm Storm team for meteorologist Lauren Records 34 degrees in Chantilly, now 31 in Colombia, and we have 32 degrees in friendship Heights. It's 8 11, now in Britain began inoculating its citizens today against the coronavirus with Visor vaccine here to talk about it live CBS News Foreign correspondent Vicki Barker in London this morning, and Vicky How's it going? There are people standing in lines do they have to make an appointment? What's the What's the procedure there? Well now, the way they're handling it, because the Speiser vaccine has to be sorted super super low temperatures, which you know only if you doesn't labs and hospitals can store at the moment. It's kind of possession being 9/10 of the law. I e. Hospital are kind of grabbing the over eighties that they've got in their wards airing on outpatients, you know, day day visits and inoculating them, Um, also doing some medical staff Aziz well I think they're going to start being a little more systematic about this in the next week or two. They're working on methodologies to transport the vaccine into nursing homes because Those people nursing home residents and staff remain the highest priority and the over eighties here in the UK, but it's a It's a pretty big moment here, and everybody's very well aware that history has been made normally, you know, un emotional Epidemiologists and government cabinet ministers have been pretty pretty emotional about all of this. Are they tracking people to make sure they're able to get them in for a second dose? Oh, absolutely You can You have that first dose and you're handed a card with the date of your next appointment. Now they've already said that if you know something comes up, it isn't written in stone 21 days after that initial injection. Is when you can come back for that second injection. But you've got about a week to play with their Then once you've had the second injection, it takes about a week after that to achieve full immunity, they say So, in all of this process, you know, at its fastest, this process takes a month. So you know everyone here in the UK is going to be at risk of Cove it for the rest of this year, at least. Nicky quickly here. Have the Britons feel about getting a vaccine? Do they trust it? Um, you have some resistance to vaccines, but it is a far smaller group. It is a far more marginalized group. Then I think we see in the United States. I think For the most part, some people might say they want to wait to let some more time. Go buy TOC assure themselves that it's safe. But you don't have quite as much resistance to vaccines in general here. All right, maybe a preview of what we can expect in a week or so. Thank you. Viki appreciated CBS news Foreign correspondent Vicki Barker joining us from London. It's a 14 golf term is fully stocked for the holiday season. Be sure to shop early for the best selection of golf equipment, apparel shoes and more golf them as something for every budget, like this year's hottest driver, Calloway, maverick. On sale for $100 off golf to always offers in store shopping, curbside pickup or online shopping at golf team golf dot com. Don't forget.

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