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Andre Picard on why he believes the message in cities and beyond needs to change from stay home to go outside but do not congregate and you know what this year didn't need giant wasps as murder Hornets. Honestly we start though with China in the crosshairs in the world demanding answers on the origins of Corona virus. Good Morning I'm Matt Galloway. This is an extended edition of current. There has been a growing chorus of criticism for China's handling of the corona virus even calls for the nation to pay reparations for allowing the contagion to spread and there is the sense of frustration from experts that while China might be conducting investigation into the origins of the virus. It's not sharing information with the rest of the world. This is Dr Golden Gala. The World Health Organization's representative in China being interviewed on Sky News. We know that some investigation is happening. But at this stage we have not been invited to join. We are expecting to get in the near future. briefing on word that is and to discuss possible collaboration Gary. Kobe is director of the Center for Research on Infectious Diseases at Lavalle University in Quebec City. Also a member of the advisory group for the Infectious hazards with the world. Health Organization is on the line with us now. Good Morning Good Morning. How Much International? Collaboration have you seen? Thus far when it comes to the origins of this covert nineteen Not For now that's pretty blunt Yeah I you know I think we need to put this in perspective It's I you know there's a lot of the question is for the the any country. Doing this kind of investigation is to be have all the the defines the knowledge to capacity than the techniques to go and and Do A in-depth investigation that will bring all the the answer to the question being asked and you know if if and if they don't then course you know one would expect to For the country to go out and and gathered that That capacity and my Involving more people from other countries I think in China You know the have one of the strongest surveillance system For respiratory pathogen One of the few countries that was doing Active surveillance before Cove in nineteen emerging And they they have a very strong Scientific Community So I in this in this respect I don't think it's surprising that the initiated investigation themselves without going outside right off So so I think a lot of pressure that they are the are facing is Is to see what they are finding basically more than always being involved directly But but you know this is my perception if this were happening in Canada. Do you think this would be a similar situation where there wouldn't be that sense of collaboration Again I I wouldn't put it. There is no of collaboration. I would put it as I think. Yes if it will be an investigation in Canada. It's possible that Canada will decide to go on and some experts From other countries to to participate but it could be also that Canada will initiate that that investigation themselves and see And if there's no need to go outside Initially what would you? I think it's It's it's you know it's not a surprise to see a country doing Initiate an investigation And and see all goes from the start. But you know I mean on the other hand will wear that a lot of Of the things that are happening in China is not transparent and It's not the only country but it's being done You know with with again. This political reality that is that is beyond the science and the final question that has to be answered if China is not involved in that. Collaboration or the collaboration isn't isn't happening to the extent that it should. What are the consequences? When it comes to global public health people look at this pandemic but people also look at perhaps future pandemics not exactly and this is a very important point that is also in the balances the trust and You know building trust is a very important aspect and convincing people that The next emergence. Which could be in China could could be anywhere else. it's this is. Why did the international community is also Putting pressure to be part of Of the investigation as well. It's to make sure that whatever the the next emergence comes from that There's a quick response detection and And that we. We are better at this the next time then this time if we if we don't do that what could happen while. I mean what could happen in. It means that if there's no trust then Every time that will be a a detection It will be Potentially this next time potentially the borders close in Treadwell. Close much faster than have This time so that's also an important consequences for a country where you have an emergence. And if they're they're closed their borders are closed by others if you want because the trade is being shutdown than it has a very strong impact on the on the economy of this country and beyond the economy if they cannot anymore access for example Equipment that they need to respond to that event just in the last minute that we have. What would you like to see when it comes to transparency from China around covert? Nineteen while again. I think it's time now to in my view to involve more More people the international level including who? I think it's it's fine to To do this at a level where You know it's confidential for the country to to to share their their investigation but to be open to suggestion from others and to To advance like this because I mean the country can definitely have a lot of In China has a lot of Great Scientist to initiate those those studies. But I don't think it means that the we'll think about every aspect and with bill technology so I I would love to see like others. I think More involvement of others scientists Other countries to see if If we can really dig deep not only in where this comes from. And what else is out there That could emerge as well and and from this this focus right now and all the tools that are being developed to To get to the bottom of of the emergent when Where was it? Is it still circuiting? And that For example animal species. And what else is in the animal species and all these questions? Gary good to speak with you. Thank you thank you very. Coppola is a director of the Center for Research on Infectious Diseases at La Salle University in Quebec City member of the Advisory Group for infectious hazards with the World Health Organization the WESTS DISPLEASURE WITH. China appears to be aggravating. The political battle between the communist state and Western Democracies Nicholas Kristof. Call Mr The New York Times. You WanNa Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on China. Nick Christoph Good morning to you good morning why would be reluctant to be as transparent as people want when it comes to an investigation into covert nineteen? Well China isn't intuitively transparent about anything of course and You Know I. I do think that China's fundamental concern right now whereas Xi Jinping's fundamental concern right now is The issue of Domestic control and I think the regime was really kind of rattled January February when a lot of ordinary Chinese were quite critical of the regime's handling the in Wuhan and They WanNa make sure that they attempt that down and I think they've actually done that pretty well. They've made a great deal of narrative that They managed the Corona Virus Abeille. Another country screwed it up. Is that a boats. Just the corona virus or their larger domestic concerns when it comes to for example the Chinese economy and unrest that could develop if the economy were to slide severely. I think that's right. I mean the basic bargain for the Chinese government toward its people has been look. We won't give you Meaningful right to vote but we will give you a better standard of living Better opportunities for your children and That bargain has has been sustained but is in concert jeopardy if the economy slides and Now it is sliding There's also you know to Chinese. Increasingly middle-class agrees increasingly cosmopolitan Do aspire for more middle class participation and. I think that that's kind of what we saw with the Resentments in Wuhan about the treatment of people like Dr Lee. When Leong the the doctor who who died And so it's yeah it's it's a broader issue of not just the corona virus but the economic ramifications and the degree to which the government is holding. Its end that bargain. There's an international component to this as well. China has been making a very public effort to offer aid sending personal protective equipment and other things to countries around the world. What's the value for China in doing that? Well China had a real opportunity here to win goodwill Partly because it's the country that particularly makes Personal protective equipment. It makes both diagnostic. Tests are logical tests and it is going to be the country that makes a vaccine or may well be the country that makes vaccines And so it's an. It produces things that other countries really need an and it wanted to win goodwill by handing those out but that those distributions of aid were accompanied by kind of ceremonies and nationalism That I think of turned a lot of countries off. And we you know we see this aid. But it's accompanied by Kinda xenophobia in China that I think undermines that That that narrative. Listen to this last week. The state run news agency posted an animated video China called once upon a virus and in its Lego Lake features representing China in the United States trade insults back and forth have a listen.

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