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To seventy eight from the KYW twenty four hour Catholic. Santer traffic is jammed on the southbound northeast extension pass quakertown because of an accident on the shoulder we'll have traffic and transit. On the coming up in just a couple of minutes Three Don KYW Richard by, national appliance warehouse August nineteenth nineteen seventy two Sullivan at the top of the singles chart for the fourth, straight week with Alone again State in nineteen Seventy-three the nationwide release of the Bruce Lee action. Movie Enter the dragon where the world's greatest martial arts athletes make the channel nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred seventy eight The Commodores at the top of the singles chart for a second straight week with Three times a lady Dog is nineteenth nineteen eighty three's. I drink too much. I smoke. Too much I gamble I got a press release of, the Rodney Dangerfield comedy Twin bed easy money money Brandon Brooks Squeamish, what's, up Rewind Tiger Woods and the biggest names in golf will be playing in our area for the BMW. Championship next month we'll get a preview from KYW's Mike Dougherty with all. The rain lately Iran golf club in Newtown square is expected to be in prime condition for. The world's. Best Tiger, Woods Phil, Mickelson, Dustin Johnson. Justin Thomas Rory mcilroy the list goes.

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