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Firing up the laptop today a new study finds that living a twenty four seven lifestyle in the non stop digital age makes you more likely to gore John fast food scientists found that racing against the clock triggers a desire to compensate by eating high calorie junk food fox news says researchers found that in an era when digital technology allows people stay connected to work friends and commerce around the clock life can feel overly busy and time is often considered a scarce resource researchers said that when people sense this perception of time running out they feel a sense of impending exhaustion of a resource and look to compensate with another resource and that's calories the author of the study says when people sense that time is running out to take advantage of opportunities such as flash sales online payment windows video games their desire to consume high calorie foods increases the findings by the way were published in the journal of consumer psychology eight minutes in front of the hour on this morning Jennifer could shrink a is back with three big things you need to know number one board in huge numbers of Iranians churned out for the burial of Qassem Soleimani the around the and military commander killed in U. S. drone strike last week leading to a stampede that killed at least thirty five people and injured dozens more meanwhile the US is reportedly denied a visa for a runny and foreign minister Javad Zarif it to visit the you went to New York later this week which would breach and agreement guaranteeing foreign officials access to you and headquarters the trump administration is also now denying it's pulling out of Iraq after a letter from U. S. general suggested there would be a withdrawal defense secretary mark asper there is no decision to leave nor do we issue any plans to leave early we are committed to the D. I. suspicion in our walk alongside our allies and partners never to former national security adviser John Bolton says he's willing to testify and president trump's impeachment trial if the Senate subpoena Sam Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer reiterated his call for trial witnesses such as Bolton I'm waiting to hear it leader McConnell give a specific answer why these witnesses should not come.

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