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Save you 15% or more. It's 6 38 time for traffic and weather on the eights and Rita Kessler now with an update in the traffic center, and we're starting to see more delays throughout the areas. A lot of you get on the area roadways If you're on the outer loop topside that is now heavy after 95 around toward Georgia Avenue, But the lanes are open. You'll also find on the Baltimore Washington Parkway. The delay is north bound from 1 97 toward 1 98 no longer seeing the slow down between 1, 75 and 32, So whatever was there may have cleared South bound 95. Have the ramp to eastbound 1 75 seems there were two separate crashes there about 400 yards apart from each other, but they were both moved to the right shoulder so that shouldn't be causing any issues westbound on the icy sea. The ramp to South bound Georgia Avenue was a report of a broken down vehicle in Elk Ridge. It is Dorsey run road between Route one in Montevideo Road or near Lindsay Way that was AH crash under police direction. Frank Tippet Road was still closed in the area of Surratt's road. Also North bound second treated Talbot Avenue and Laurel had In the scene of a crash in Virginia on 95 North bound the volume passing 16 Garrison Ville Road from Dale City, in the Woodbridge and from Lord in trying to get into Newington Watch for anything after Lorton that may be causing some issues. You'll also find eastbound and westbound 66 in pretty good shape East about a little heavy getting past the Fairfax County Parkway, but good to the Beltway and no problems inside the Beltway, trying to head to and across the Roosevelt Bridge north bound on the Fairfax County Parkway at Sunrise Valley Drive, Watch for police direction for the crash. The intersection. If you're in the district, south down D C to 95 is slow from Eastern Avenue all the way to Ortiz Capitol Street with nothing reported along that stretch of the roadway inbound on New York Avenue delays headed toward Bladensburg Road again with the lanes open. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o P Traffic got a hot day ahead. Lauren Ricketts has our forecast. Not a bad looking day out there today is those temperatures rise to warmer values and yesterday mid to upper eighties and get our average temperatures.

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