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Twenty pm to find twenty eight year old running naked out of the store and waving his arms frantically. Of the report that he instructed him to get on the ground and when he refused the officer struck with a Taser, the officer reported seeing coupon books, impacts of meat scattered on the floor when he arrived at the scene. Reports said that he had stolen four packs of rib eye steaks butterscotch pudding with a total of forty two dollars doors three cents four to two dollars guts as in the nuts over forty two bucks. God. the police report said that one tasers had hit him in the middle of the left side of his abdomen and the other document the base of Dick. Pets. Sucks. My God officers were able to remove the probe that hit him in the torso. The second one need to be removed at a hospital was disposed of as biohazard danger. Jesus Christ sucks to that guy don't still stake from save a lot I mean plus if you're GonNa Steal Steak, why are you going to save a lot? Like does not exactly the high quality products. Like. They're they will miss it. It's fine. Totally fine. What yours? You know what it's it's it's difficult to pick one. It really is dude there are so many. Florida. Man Says Syringes found in his rectum aren't his yeah. Three syringes out of his ass. And said. Okay. So how these he Scott was arrested on a warrant for previous drug charge. now he's facing of course in. His Thirty. Stretch. Yeah, you pull out of her ass and in the COP goes I want to explain this and the guys like I. Don't those are mine and I don't know how they got there. So. There you have it. Apparently, you can shove things in your ass and not know it. That's the new Florida whe. All right and hold on. So, excuse me Sir you have syringes in your prison pocket, what he wanted to say about. He's like I. Don't know how we got here. Those weren't mowing apparently Florida man is just comes across drugs at Random I. Don't know I've never come across any drugs at random but a one Florida man actually was pulled over and cops found cocaine in his car and he literally told the co he literally told the COPS. I. Must've blown in from the wind. This is true story. This is Fort Pierce. So apparently. Apparently drugs just to the wind and can fly into your car be careful out there while you're driving, make sure that your windows are up. Events Yeah. You don't WanNa have large bags of cocaine fly into the window of your car. What da Hell. Palm city man accused of enticing alligator to bite him pouring beer into its mouth i. hear about this. Is this the let's get the gator drunk. Yeah. Yeah. He's holding. Yeah..

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