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At this meeting. The impasse leaves eight hundred thousand federal employees in the lurch Lucica parrot with the bureau of land management is among those faced with no paycheck this week. I definitely tell stuck in our sisters. Absolutely nothing. I can do about it. CBS news update on Pam Coulter. WTMJ news time four thirty two from the WTMJ breaking news center. The Green Bay Packers officially welcomed their new head coach Matt leflore at Lambeau this afternoon WTMJ's. Greg Matzek has the latest Matt leflore era has begun step one working to assemble a staff, you might say well, sit step one be concentrating on a relationship with Aaron Rodgers. Well, step one is already truly begun as the and Rodgers spoken. Mark murphy. Also included Rogers in on the process leadership council, Brian and his input was part of the overall input we received, but it was very helpful as well. We'll hear more from coach leflore Florence sports coming up at four forty five. It was an emotional yet optimistic mood after today's announcement for two straight disappointing seasons. The Packers have reason to believe their new head coach can bring a jolt of energy to the franchise sitting in the middle of general manager Brian good Coon San Packers president. Mark Murphy head coach Matt leflore was showered and praise of what the Packers hope he can bring the higher isn't something that happens often here in Green Bay. But after short stints climbing the ladder in the NFL the floor hopes to bring back a championship culture at lambofield. Tony WTMJ news, a Florida grand juries, charged a US navy, captain in a case involving a suspicious death, a possible affair and cover up that happened in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the grand jury charging navy captain John nettleton with obstructing Justice while the. Navy investigated civilians death at the Guantanamo Bay naval station. That's the villian was Christopher tour who reportedly had a confrontation with the navy, captain or accusations. The captain had an affair with the civilians wife. Investigators say captain nettleton did not tell the truth that the two of them had fought he was found. Drowned the next day Andy Field ABC news, new Saudi shed some light on what helps teens achieve UNITA's may say it's boring, but the single dull family routines, actually, help teenager succeed. According to you, Jay researcher. Alan barton. Followed hundreds of sixteen year olds through the age of twenty one those who had regular family routines. Like, I said bedtime or dinner together were more likely to avoid alcohol had greater self control. And we're more likely to go to college may not be one single thing kids, but it may be a lot of little things that went over time to have this long-term effect. He says the bottom line is routine consistency and predictability powerful influences on a teenagers. Life Sabrina cupid, four CBS news, Atlanta, new technology. Being used to uncover secrets about very very old bones. It was discovered in nineteen fifty five sixty million-year-old three foot long fossilized skull of an Xia Sorus and ancient marine reptile with the mouth full of sharp teeth that used to eat fish for years. It just sat on a museum shelf gathering dust, but recently British scientists put the skull in the same cat scan machine. They use for horses and other large animals with the images and the three D printed parts they used to fill in the missing pieces. They realized this was one of the most well preserved ichthyosaur skulls ever discovered and one of the largest they're also using it to find out more about how the reptiles brain sat inside its skull, Cheri Preston. ABC news WTMJ news time, four thirty five..

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