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Complete hawk he's shunned negotiations with russia he was under secretary for arms control in the bush administration and he saw under he oversaw their withdrawal from the two thousand two antiballistic missile treaty with russia that's john bolton's record they signed that between the united states and the soviet union thirty years earlier and he oversaw the strategic withdrawal of the united states by capping the strategic defenses the antiballistic missile treaty de incentivize the development of offensive nuclear weapons and it laid the groundwork for ensuring arms control agreements for ensuing laid the groundwork for groundwork for ensuing arms control agreements guess what we haven't had any new arms control agreements you know putin just unveiled an entire new nuclear arsenal which he says is undetectable or that can avoid missile defensive he he called for both sides to sit down and negotiate a new system a new a new treaty but we haven't done that we have a guy like bolton bolton in there he he wants to continue to dismantle any of these agreements that we have he informed the conservative political action conference last year that this administration should abrogate the new start treaty that's the new twenty ten pack that reduced us in russia's strategic warheads he said oh that would be a signal to vladimir putin okay that's that's that's that's bolton's position let's get rid of these arms treaties pushback show stand up to putin putin in this case is the one that exercise caution now here's the other thing we don't know they have not yet determined or had not yet determined they had they had inspection teams on the ground in syria and our own general mattis said that we do not know what kind of gas was used in the attack on.

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