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Out today your drivers getting, it done how would you be guys had. To adjust on the chassis this thing today we have added just a little bit it's it's been a little to, tighten, the track. Changes a little bit with the sun coming out in the clouds coming out after that so it's it hasn't been easy we'll think we've had a. Pretty good top by all day. We just need to maintain track position that's Let's talk about Sonoko, fueled you have enough, in the tank to get to the finish these caution laps were planning on you know we we, were gonna be right there before the caution laps, but now, we should be pretty good for probably one one overtime. Finish all right, Chris Gayle Eric tones the research Toyota they're having a fantastic day. Today another driver and crew chief combination that's doing well it's from the same team. Steve post they're sitting. At the top of the leaderboard Adam Stevens is the crew chief? For Kyle Busch and Adam as you look at the day so far how has the. Carbon what have you had to do to get. The car up to the front of the field now certainly a lot better than we were in practice you know had that hiccup qualifying so didn't have, the track. Position we needed early but we've been, managing to make the most. Of our race score some segment, points early and get, some track position late here. When we needed it you mentioned truck position how different is? It out in front versus back in the pack can. You describe a little bit about the differences between that valuable truck position and not it's just all about clean air them more air you. Can get over top of your. Car that more downforce you can make changes the balance and. And right now we have that in. Our Favor in their favor that's for sure that's Adam Stevens crew chief? On the car of Kyle Busch there the race leader let's go up to Winston Kelly let's keep it in the Joe Gibbs racing camp. Scott grades you driver Daniel Suarez has stayed up in the top ten mostly top five all day. Long currently behind cow can't get around him Yeah I mean it's where we've. Had a pretty good car I mean. Obviously Kyle's really tough here, but I think you know we got a car that can? Do it we got to do everything obviously Daniels gotta, hit his marks be the best he. Can be in there and been a situation like this with. Kyle back, in expanding today's and we were able. To beat them. So I know he can do it it's gonna be tough obviously, but you can. Do what's the handling of, the. Car been the last couple of runs just really, depends on traffic big. Factor with a specially over intern three can be tight or loose just depending. On. The situation.

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