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KTAR news on ninety two three FM. Get some perspectives. Bruce St James and Pamela Hughes. Earlier this week it came out that the mirror. Copa county sheriff's posse program think volunteers. Came under some new scrutiny scrutiny that showed that Comey. If I got my numbers correctly panel of the two hundred and thirty five posse members that are armed can be armed that have uniforms and badges are almost indistinguishable from sheriff's deputy. Right. So far. Of the two hundred and thirty five four one two three four had passed the six point background checks slash certification. That had originally been set up to be a member of the posse. Yes. That was so two weeks ago. Well, but I wanna point out. It's not that some of them. It's not that others have failed the test or the background check. They were not administered. Really? It was done properly. Basically, you said you wanted to remember the posse. They gave you a high five a badge and said go here. Go get your you buy your uniform, and you can pretend to be a cop. There was a policy in place. It just appears as though that policy hadn't been followed. Yeah. Okay. Okay. And so that was two weeks ago that the sheriff sheriff Paul Penzone Maricopa County temporarily suspended the posse program saying, obviously, we've got an issue here. And then it came out this week that a couple of the members, and again, I'm not trying to paint with a broad brush. But a couple of the members that did not go through that six point certification had records. They either been arrested or convicted of drug offenses. Okay. Salts like domestic violence. And I think there was even like a sexual assault in there. Yeah. No exception nothing nor small percentage, but still important to talk about. I don't know what you don't know and acknowledge okay, got it. So we're we're kind of getting this, drip, drip, drip of information out there. And we we heard from sheriff Penzone that these posse members are going to have to go through the certification polygraph urine test background check the six point plan. Okay. Got it. And he has suspended it because it's become a safety issue at this point. I also wants to clear those that are good to be on that for sure that if you are carrying a posse badge, and that you've you've earned a certain level of trust with now, that's ruffled some feathers, the actually traveled quite a lot of political feathers when it comes to different state lawmakers like Representative Ben Toma who who represents this area of Sun City west where there is a lot of volunteer posse members that are now told that they don't have that power. Well. You've got some some backlash to this. This policy should be reinstated. As soon as possible. This is a group that the residents rely on her safety. They rely on it for to augment the work with the sheriff's actual sheriff's deputies do up there, and they feel safer and probably are safer wing posses on the road. I would just take exception that if I lived in Sun City west I've got to rely on volunteer posse member for my safety. Right right off the bat is that's an issue if you feel safer because that will that you know, that that's a whole different discussion. But to rely on them for safety. That's what you should be fired up about that. The volunteer posse is temporarily. So they're not getting rid of cops. They're not getting rid of sheriff's deputies. They're suspending a program where people have the ability to. Impersonate, a police officer, but haven't passed background checks now former Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio who lost to current Maricopa County. Sheriff Paul Penzone convicted criminal correct? Was he convicted, okay? He was the one who sort of the policy really up the numbers of the posse. He touted the achievements of the policy well as you can imagine someone's gonna go stick a microphone in front of his face. And find out what he has to say about this big organizations..

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