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All the information you need one looks right here right now on the ben greenfield fitness podcast hey folks is ben greenfield and one of my buddies an amazing man and a real pioneer in the health and fitness industry a guy who you may know as the c o of the wonderful company on it that i've talked about many times before on this podcast a man who has appeared on entrepreneur forbes the doctors the joe rogan experience many times he's been on the cover of men's health he has a life coaching course called gopher your win and now he has a brand new book an amazing book called own the day own your life his name is aubrey marcus he's been a podcast guest before but he's he's really done at this time he's actually written a book a big book an actual big book nice job dude thanks yeah thanks for your help along the way you know i mean we started this conversation about how to create this optimal day and put together one perfect bad ass day not just for your health and fitness but to really live a day that you could repeat in love and enjoy and spend time with the people you care about and do something you could repeat over and over again and it's been cool to to be honest with you man yeah yeah and that that's what is called own the day you own one day you owned the rest of your life so before we jump in of course every day in many people's case unless you're a shoe one of those colds skinny people that skips breakfast every single morning was just to me sounds horrible considering i just i just finished downing my my wendy's frosty smoothie that i think i think it's probably about nine hundred thousand calories somewhere in that range so i'm i'm not much of a breakfast gipper do you dip the french fries in your frosty day my justification is that it's a cue for circadian biology so a cup of coffee with with with a sprinkling of.

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