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The latest. We have her sports. What's the plan for the MBA and also the NHL All Star basketball, too? They were holding this two day protest, but in the sports theme here Long time icon of the Seahawks fan Patty Hammond. We all know her is Mama Blue. She's announced on Facebook that she's fighting pancreatic cancer fundraiser setup from abuse as the doctor Khan in early, so it's treatable the 89 year old whose have season tickets for the Seahawks since they first arrived in Seattle, and we got things going in the kingdom in 1976. Since then, many of us know she's become an icon that she was even inducted. Did you know in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1999? Many of us a common news, prayers and good thoughts here for you on the blow. In a busy time for the state patrol as many heading out for another weekend before. Perhaps they settled in for the new idea for school. Three people dead in a head on crash that happened last night blew past highway Therein shall and county between Cleland And Highway two on highway 99, state troopers say to causing driver to 43 of 43 year old woman suspected of driving under the influence she survived. She's in critical condition. She will be charged with three counts of vehicular homicide. Nearly 30 of mile stretch of Highway 97 closed most of the night for that investigation. Still, some limited access We're hearing for early this morning. Amazon says is buying 1800 electric delivery vans from Mercedes Benz. Now this is the biggest order like this for the German automaker to date, Mercedes says It's also going to join a climate initiative established by Amazon founder Jeff Maysles. Mercedes now committing itself to going completely carbon neutral by the year. 2039 our time right now it's 7 37, the Russian Navy. Have you heard this conducting major war games near Alaska involving dozens of ships right now and aircrafts, the biggest such a drills? In the area. Since Soviet times more than 50 warships have been counted about 40 aircraft taking part in the section size it's in the Bering Sea, and that it involved multiple practice missile launches. Now U S. Northern Command spokesman Bill Lewis notes the Russian military exercise Taking place in international waters well outside the U. S. Territorial Sea. We're getting closer to flu season just plain old flew here in our state, but just like over 19. It's a respiratory virus and the two illnesses Sharqi symptoms. So if you get sick, how do you know which one you're dealing with cosmic problem When it comes to covert 19 doctors say this symptom can cause alarm bells to go off with golden 19. These people reporting the inability to smell or to taste doctors say it could be difficult to figure out whether this virus is cove. It Or the flu. They look very, very similar. It's very, very hard to distinguish them on clinical grounds. Both covert 19 and the flu share these symptoms, which include sneezing, coughing and fatigue, The fevers, the muscle aches, the sweats, the cough, shortness of breath. All look very similar. Doctors say it's common for a person with the flu. To develop symptoms between 124 days after getting infected for covert 19. It's about 5 to 7 days. The thing with flu is most people just feel that the symptoms just hit them immediately. Dr. Seth Cohen.

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