Senator Paul, NBC, Senate discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


It's 8 16 our top stories. On Colorado's Morning news, Johnson and Johnson requesting the FDA grant emergency use authorization for its Corona virus vaccine. NBC's Miguel Almaguer, the one dose shot one step closer to being rolled out in the U. S. Perhaps 100 million doses available by June. It could be approved by the end of this month. The single dose vaccine reportedly 66% effective in preventing the virus and does not need to be kept at those super cold Temps. Ah, large scale cover 19 vaccination events set for tomorrow in Denver between SCL health and two dozen community organizations. The event at the national Western Complexes has a goal of getting first doses into the arms of 5000 people who are 70 and up. Also specifically targeting underserved communities, no walk ups that will be accommodated. All the appointments have been booked Governor poll is extending our state's statewide mask mandate for another 30 days, he says. Widespread mask uses a low cost highly effective way to reduce the spread of Corona virus infections. There are exceptions for people who've got medical conditions that put them at risk for wearing a mask. Official business in the Senate yesterday was interrupted at one point by Democratic senator Sure, Sherrod Brown, who had had enough of Rand Paul shirking of covert 19 protocols would like To ask Senator Paul in front of everybody to start wearing a mask on the Senate floor, like the entire staff does all the time Senator Paul chose to remain massless. He tested positive for the virus back in March. Months later, he famously insisted that he and others who contracted covert are now immune strip clubs in Florida are working to take advantage of the Super Bowl weekend despite the pandemic. Clubs across the city of Tampa, including major locations like the Penthouse Club have sunk millions of dollars into Cove. It's safe renovations after being allowed to operate since November. Staffers say table reservations and temperature checks are now regular club standards. The club owners claim they'll be strict enforcers of health precautions because they quote, feel blessed to be able to conduct business in the states. They don't think the health protocols for something I was worried about what they sanitize the dollar bills, you know before they frankly you can't sanitize those places and I know you probably can't speak into the Super Bowl. The preparations that go into a Super Bowl are usually extensive, but at a pandemic. And they become much more complicated. We get a look at some of those preparations next right now, taking a look at the Dr John Morrissey. Lots of love in this drive this morning, even that crash that we've been dealing with on the eastbound 60 of your caliber. Looks like it's starting to ease its grip on us. You're doing a lot better still love his slow approaching Kalamazoo.

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