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Maybe this guy can get, you know, eight to be a little more just as far as the dynamic of bringing because they're both guys that have been in the mix of things that have nothing to do with football. They're both in the mix on that. Where I mean, we're we've talked about Antonio Brown. The last couple of days, we know where his Oto Beckham's his deals have been well chronicled as well where he's taken the net, and he's crying, and there's pictures of stuff I feel like I like. Aching. I feel like if I if I had to have a conversation with AB, I can have a conversation with him. And I could sit down and say look man, this is what we try to do. We try to make sure that we get to the Super Bowl in the years or GM voice hand, we want you to be a certain way, we not trying to turn you into Travis. But we want you to be like this because we got everybody else watching. I think I could talk to him that way and not Dell and I don't think I could get to odeal quite like that just because it seems like to me oh deal wants to be in Hollywood world, and he wants to he wants to be does Antonio Brown. But but hold on. I'm talking about just like he wa- it's a difference between what both of the same. But it's a difference between wanting to like just like seek an alley north kinda crazy because one flies in a helicopter, another one. Another would just be fairly eager to be in the spotlight. But but I think I can convince a B that you don't have to do that to be in the spotlight. Why don't feel like I could convince Odell of that TMZ spores and Tony Brown gets goat rain with one thousand diamonds worth twenty thousand dollars TMZ in. Tony Brown goes on find your.

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