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The match up in i do think it's him be close game i mean the history not that israel always repeats itself but you look at the seven super bowls he brings up you know four six point game i think it should be a close game because i think the teams are pretty evenly matched um i think that a look at the patriots history in this game in a seven super bowls they play with brady mbela check believe it or not last year's win over atlanta when the impact down 21 is the biggest point differential in any of their seven super bowls they won by six against law anna before that they'd either one or lost their previous six super bowls by four points or less so you've never had any of the patriots super bowls in the brady bella check era uh by more than six point so based on that and based on the fact that they're con they're fairly evenly matched um you know the eagles of the overall of more edges the the patriots edges are bigger and import more important places which to me makes it a previous game and that's for you know for those reasons i i do expect the game you'll let listen unless there is heavy turnovers which is obvious on one side if that were the case are expected to be philly uh but i don't think that's going to happen i wanna expect heavy turnovers of you don't have heavy turnovers i'll be surprised if the game is onesided thumb let's talk to gary in indianapolis in the anna next up cbs sports radio hello gary hello thank you for taking my call you got it hey a couple of comments i think and stove hating ballot check and i'm a colts fan through and through right i think people i've learned take notes on what he's doing you know so you can be the next yeah bella jacqueline cincotta hating you know you got tournus into something positive he's just going to go around uh negative your whole life.

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