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Yeah that's great and all that but what have you done for the folks who don't have voices you know who don't have voice of the people who wanna right people who take out billboards to be your stuff and you're like oh my god. Why are you doing that. But then you hired her. I'm like so it worked is what you're saying. I'm cool on tyler. Perry for a million different reasons. Pass what everybody makes. Fun of is like do i like that. You help people to pandemic absolutely because that is a humanitarian thing. But i really wish like your work. You would edit yourself when you talk. 'cause i'm like i don't think you realize how that sounds and it's pretty fucked up like we need to stop hating each other. But i'm bill my own table. Fuck these white people. I'm sorry. Wait what's and i'm like an also. Why are you actually acting like it wasn't because outside was closed last summer all of a sudden why people like. Oh my god. There's racism and not elaine. My god where the hell by been in your white bubble bitch like act like literally we had to have a global pandemic still had to shut down for people to risk for white people to realize what we say. Black lives matter is because when something happens to the us. Y'all act like it's not a big deal that's on my stands on some is next for nine minutes and thirty six seconds. Yes thank you trial for clearing that up. That's living burned into my brain. I wish it didn't live there. Rent free that that is not okay. Literally the only reason why it's more why people on us out of this is fucked up is because y'all can't argue against it does no. You could argue against for some reason. Y'all argued against tamir rice in some weird ass reason. Yeah argued against mike brown. Your argues against eric garner. You argued against travel martin. Who was not killed by police officer but literally. He gets the same kind of privilege which interesting for this. You couldn't because literally was closed outside and nothing else to focus on and all them shows were on break. 'cause it's a pandemic they stop filming and outside close you're like oh my god. This is what black people go through.

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