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The lottery never told her. That is a true story at an amazing one at that he was part of a group of mechanics, who opted for the lump sum payment of ten point two million. There were seventeen winners, so he received six hundred thousand before taxes never tells his wife. She adds a finding out because she gets something in the mail that says we. We're buying a house, and he's like, oh, don't worry about it. It's like an ad who's buying a house was planning on the four singer. That's how she found out. She gogo them number four. The double winner. This guy, Derek Ladner hits his regular six numbers and shares jackpot with five other people. True story he then realizes he had bought another ticket with the same numbers because he forgot he bought the first ticket with his regular numbers. So he had to winning tickets to split in this pot of five other people or whatever he got two times the pot. Every number three, these are the top five most insane lottery stories. Number three, an unnamed woman, Spencer lottery fortune only to realize she didn't win. She's unnamed because I wouldn't wanna know I wanna want people to know my name in this story. So she thought she won the lottery. She spends a fortune. She ends up not winning number two. A hundred and ten people all hit the Powerball lottery in split. Five hundred forty three million a hundred and ten people to thirties investigated. What happened they hit up this company, one ton food Inc, because those hundred and ten people played the numbers on the back of a fortune cookie. And since most of those numbers are reprints. They all one they all played in. Imagine getting that lottery cookie and not playing the numbers these hundred Ted did split the pot of five forty three million. Hey, ended up getting five million not too shabby. Here we go. And the number one most insane. Lottery story is this is true in nineteen ninety-five. Timothy o'brien. He shot himself in the head because he forgot.

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