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And out of Centennial Airport for several months. It's a very busy airport. We know both planes involved were cleared to land on parallel runways. Don't do that. Follow them are only 17 right. Cleared to land here. I'm 9 70 Roman wants the left clear to land when something planned what seven left. But Coleman says those parallel runways operate on separate tower frequencies. People in the West Runway may not be aware of everything that's going on on the east and the same with people in the east versus the West NTSB. Investigators interviewed both the serious and metro liner pilots. They also plan to interview the controllers who worked with the pilots before the crash. They would have probably done a blood test to see if there was any toxicology things that would come up out of there, look at histories on the airplane so that he comes from maintenance records and a lot of that other stuff, Coleman says. To get an idea of what goes into this investigation, take a look at the report from another recent midair collision. This one in May of 2019 Year catcher Can Alaska Six people died when two sightseeing planes collided. Thea NTSB just released their full findings a couple weeks ago. In that case, they found obstructed views and problems with an alert system caused the crash. The report details everything from safety issues to probable cause and recommendations to the FAA to keep this from happening again as an investigator never to do speculation you follow the facts. Follow the Where the things are going on. That will kind of leaves. You know what happens, The NTSB will release a preliminary report within the next 14 days. The full investigation will take 12 to 18 months to complete. That's Fox 30 one's Rachel Scott of reporting. As we continue with our news coverage this morning at the latest drought monitor map is out, and there's good news for front range communities front range from the top of Monument Hill through the Metro across the foothills to the west of Denver, and all the way to the Wyoming border. Even up the ice 76 quarter to northeast Colorado is out of the drought. It's only 13% of the state that's out of the drought, but we are out of the drought. As of right now we will take that. 13% Fox 31 chief meteorologist, Dave Fraser says They're still extreme drought conditions, though in the western part of the state's ready to roll Watch some great movies. The Sundance Film Festival coming back to Park City, Utah, next year, but it will look different. Organizers say they'll use the hybrid format in January. With film showings in theaters and online. The move comes is the festival is still working out details for creating covert safe environments for live audiences. 2021 all virtual festival drew over 2.5 times its normal crowd, even with fewer films showing I That's an event I would actually like to partake in and go go partners basically go go to physically go. Yeah Park, Sit your hugs and your fur coat. See if I see Robert Redford wave and say hi, six or seven of Colorado's morning news we've got Became sports The Colorado Avalanche, clicking clinching the top spot in the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs will be ready for home ice advantage. Money News with Pat the Dr John Morrissey on the road this morning. What do you see it? I'm seeing a lot of love on the road this morning. I don't see a ton of problems in your annual way at all. There is the crash on the west side of.

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