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Tim really got a lot reading the book. And the book is the subprime attention crisis and I think you get the official. Podcast recommend here from the team. Really nice job. Thank you so much for writing it. Thanks for coming on the show. I wanna throw in just to the book is it's like one hundred and forty pages of content. Got a bunch of it is both super well researched. It is not a lengthy read like it sounds like. Oh my god. Is this going to be some super dense and like i. I'm still kind of blown away with how you manage to to pack the pieces together and have i. Don't i don't know how you you seem like one of the people who maybe just doesn't ever sleep but for like i really do think people should i. This is not a book that takes a long time to read and it is so informed so really formative thank you you you mentioned flash boys early. The book by michael lewis and as i was reading and i was like. Yeah we need a character through this thing maybe virgin to is like the michael lewis treatment. Hollywood adaptation of this. Yeah that's right to pay like the main character. I think seth rogan will be ready for a serious role you know and like anyways. Okay we do have to start to wrap one thing we love to do on. The show is the last call. We just go around the horn. We share something of interest to you. Think might be interesting to our listeners. Tim wong year our guest..

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