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The archbishop of New York cardinal. Timothy Dolan called the fire heartbreaking. He says he went to Saint Patrick's cathedral after learning of the news to offer his prayers and three we continue to follow the latest out of Paris. First responders continue to get a handle or try to of the massive fire at the cathedral joining us on our Newsline. Now is Associated Press. Correspondent danika Kirk who is standing just outside the cathedral. Danika we understand. There's vigil going on right now to tell us what is happening there describe it for us. That's right. Hundreds of people have have come to the edge of the police cordons canning a church called. Many people who have Bizet Paris will know right across the street from Notre Dame and people have on their knees there, they're chanting. They are singing south every Gina and other. Him. And you know, just there's just an outpouring of Greece. At the site the site. You know, isn't that the sky is eliminated by some of the flames that still are burning the church, the part apartment has hoses along the other side of the church in the main part of that many people always recognize being, you know, Notre dog. You can see, you know. Flashlights of firefighters presumably people looking around to make sure that that, you know, things have been, you know, got brought under control. It is really just heartbreaking. This fire has been going on for nearly five hours. We saw the images of the flames shooting out from the roof. Do we get a sense of what portions of this building that may have been saved? Well, I looks to me as if the Omaha main structure of churches and save, but keep in mind, it's dark, and I can only sort of see part of this. It's sort of the back of the church with a spire that I think really caught the most of the damage. This is the part of the church that you can still see coming out of the main two towers, the main data the church that people would recognize this being, you know, the, you know, the sort of picture postcard part of Notre time buzzer those are still well attacked. I think those are going to be fine. But it's like, you know, there there's our work inside that. In terms of you know, being one of the point airy religious primary. On the planet and. I can't imagine. What it looks like right now. Tell us what this cathedral means to Parisians and the people of France. The only thing I can tell you what people told me wandering around the vigil asking. And I one person a doctorate hydro doctor came after working and he had to come because he felt like this building symbolizes, not not just not positive. Paris. And you know, no matter what are Catholic or not. You know, I think everyone is touched by this. You know? Parents I it is a center of the center of Paris. It's just part of the heart of friend. I I can't imagine that that, you know, anyone who hasn't visited this country who had a chance to to come to Paris. It's primary places. Everyone goes because it really one of the little bits of French soul. Danika Kirca of the Associated Press just outside Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Thank you for joining us. It's five forty nine. We'll take a look at traffic.

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