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Understand the process i've been through it i i always thought you know when i get to a certain age or or whatever that i would like to throw my hat and and it just it came about quicker than i thought i'll i'll be honest i you know i it it it it kind of threw me back to you know when i i heard that clo was thinking of retiring and i thought well you know right at that same moment was uh the urging the fire in the valley to the run and i thought you know what i talked to my wife and uh let's talk to the mother family and friends and and and they were encouraging and i thought you know what let's do this on i uh so long who you'll be running m for is that are going to be a primary what's going to happen next i mean it kind of you the folk thin the district twenty um i i guess i i'm not sure of any competition yet but uh i welcome it if there is the and uh i guess may the best burston win well uh okay so we'll we'll find out if there are any other candidates uh throwing into the uh the ring and if they all that will be in june right often the the freedom some unveiled now right ended up it will be the twentieth anniversary of the freedom rock though kinda coincides with your insane of verse three of being a thin the whole thing comes together voice and it is that we brought away just so just so what clarisa may twenty is maya tenth anniversary i walk through the is the friday friday of memorial day weekend here friday memorial day weekend his maya my tenth birthday as it were solid others an i.

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