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Ransomware is software that can infiltrate your business through email enabling cybercriminals to hijack sensitive information as ransom for your own data's release leveraging barracuda email security with advanced threat detection can stop a ransomware attack in its tracks as an added measure barracuda backup allows you to recover your data without having to surrender to extortion crime doesn't pay when you protect your business data with barracuda go to barracudacomransomware to learn more we know the podcast we are joined by the new england patriots wide receiver julie that allman will update us what has rehab and how he has spent his time away from the game this year but first another version of ask adam ask hatem osk addicts gatt ask half adam we should ask adam always love asking you some of these good questions adam what do you say we do it again well thanks very much josh we got my producer josh maccari here who gather together some of these questions that you all solicit on twitter which we thank you for in advance and yes josh i say we get to the questions before we get to julian edelman let's let's do that there are about twenty five people who asked some version of this question adam but chad allen duff is the person who gets his name red on this world renowned podcast he asked along with so many other people is there any chance at the bears will fire john fox before the end of the season i think there's a sentiment around the league that a lot of people believed that john fox job is in jeopardy that's not a breaking headline i think people know that i think when we don't win on a consistent basis i think there is the chance for change i think when people talk about potential openings this year they list chicago amongst them now we'll see what the mcaskie family decides to do but yes i think.

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