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Car shopping can be confusing dealer price list price here's what's not save three grand off ms rpm truecar dot com i have been on the phone a whole all morning with scouts and baker mayfield appears to be headed number one unless it's a total smokescreen mary kay cabot who reports for cleveland has it daniel jeremiah's joining us rod strickland brett brown coach the sixers we have a great we're only halfway through our show so here's the thing about the nba playoffs and this is the way it's been for the forty years i've been watching it there's the regular season is one season and the playoffs are a different season and the intensity in the playoffs is different you play the same team for seven games the rafts allow more physicality in the playoffs and i'm just going to speak for guys now some guys like physicality and some guys curl up i was told this years ago by an nfl scout he said listen man talent wins in high school and college football you gotta be a man to plan the nfl do you have it in your soul to burrow through another man's chest for three hours 'cause he's going to be your equal in college big can't overwhelm people in in high school a big kindle just bully people shear strength in the nfl he's as strong as you he may be older than you and he's not intimidated by you nfl is up stairs so is the nba playoffs the refs let more go therefore it becomes a man's season.

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