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As the guy for me. Where can we count you live? Well, that's a good question. I haven't got my date she in from doing the London palladium twenty four th of November sold. I think there's a few seats left. Okay. In bulk early. Certainly show. I'm going to ask you, and you can just say, no. Finish up with a joke. Oh blimey. Yeah. Should've warned you should have a million. There's a million. Crikey. What was that late? Oh, yeah. I wonder why why is that so many Trump's mess? Deitz come from the north west of England, everyone I've ever met house. Are we gonna dress? John because that translate into. Yeah, absolutely dress and finally John could you just read us your poem shave off? Shave off for obvious reasons. What would it say to shift? Your bloodstain banana, Panama a piece of an eye. Little Stu a Brit ver-. I'm a fun of enforce euthanasia. Somebody says at a chip with a razor you'll slit your f-r-o-t-h just by accident. Go please somebody as at a chip with the razor. You'll never outrun a guy with a gun and you'll never outlive men with a shave a girl.

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