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U.S. Olympian Sean white will be hanging up his snowboard for good The three time gold medalist made it clear that not only will the Beijing games be his last Olympics they'll mark his final contests as well The 35 year old spoke during a reflective and sometimes emotional news conference today U.S. troops of now arrived in Poland in the face of Russian aggression while the U.S. and its NATO allies have no intention of deploying any troops to Ukraine they have begun to reinforce the defenses of nearby NATO countries We're also learning more about the possible cost of a conflict in Ukraine American officials are estimating that if Russia does invade it could mean up to a 100,000 civilian casualties and up to 5 million refugees However so far both Russia and the U.S. are saying they're still willing to pursue diplomacy CBS News correspondent Christina rafini Meanwhile U.S. intelligence says Russia may be planning to make a fake video of an attack by Ukrainian forces and use that as an excuse to attack the country Russia actually practiced this fake video tactic on the U.S. years ago It was the 13th anniversary of the 9 11 attacks At about 8 a.m. Homeland Security and saint Mary Paris Louisiana was inundated Two or three calls It was like back to back to back And then three or four more calls back to back to back They were just like coming in This is faster than we're getting them Homeland Security director Duval Arthur said people were getting alerts warning them about an explosion People wanted to know if we were going to open up a shelter in where they should go It was part of an elaborate video hoax from Russian trolls that showed a chemical plant burning a fake CNN story.

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