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Oh, genius. Right now would be the big, Nick. And then you know, the goat Tom Brady. Sure. Going for Super Bowl number six that'd be his tenth appearance. Yep. We had dodgers dodgers Red Sox ninth appearance ago. Little payback. Or, you know, hold on south. I'm trying to remember. How many Super Bowls might quarterback spent? Hold on give me. One more second counting them all up. One two three four five six seven eight. Nine is nine this'll be nine yet. Lost to the giants twice in the eagles. So this would be cheating. Sorry about that Americans. Confusing. I know sorry. It's I have trouble county. I'm america. I'm sorry to apologize that bad. So it'd be nine nine Super Bowls for Tom Brady right nine not eight nine not ten. So Pat saints would be plus two fifty seven patch. Saints is nice because we've never seen Brady Brees all these years. Right. Yeah. Feel like there's not even. No ravaris at all. Even though they're almost the same age. There's never been a Brady breeze argument right there. They don't really have a lot in common. And Sean Payton, Bella check. It's not the great. I mean, whatever it's just I just like the Brady, I think, I don't know in a way, I think that gets the best ratings, right? That's what CBS wants pats win their first Super Bowl against the saints. I mean, I get in the Super Bowl. So in New Orleans. Oh, the Superdome. Yeah. Right. No. I think here's what who has this year. Who is he Bs as Super Bowl? I'll tell you what CBS once they want. They want Patrick Mahomes against the saints real. Yeah. Well, that's the MVP. That's a good match up. So that's obviously both favorites in that as one sixty eight plus one sixty eight. Yeah, that's the MVP one versus MVP to our shake it, right? So veer CBS you've you've milked as much as you're gonna milk out of the Brady oil..

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