Hillary Clinton, Sandy Hook, Donald Trump discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Something, on Mars and then they make that all your whole life This is what happened okay for just for, the set the record straight Hillary Clinton was in. The news ran eighteen million dollars worth of ads, two months, out from the election in two thousand sixteen sure I was big, but my my show and info wars dot com Chicer-, but is like a third is big, as say coast to coast Amherst Rush Limbaugh okay so I mean it was, big but it was not the biggest thing John They decided because. Trump had been on my show in market research has all been in like the New York Times to say that I was Trump's right hand man which is not true everybody. Believes that still and she did on my, show one time, and so they built me. Up with eighteen million dollars worth of ads editing when I said. About sandy hook so the Democrats didn't saw. That and said oh my God. And now that Trump won they. Actually believe now that I'm Mike is important. As the president so it's actually. Elevated me where we're. George we're getting ten times the. Traffic we, got Yvonne election day now I mean we're talking five million visitors day I took my kids shopping today I was, being mobbed they have created me. Into. This I at, it's actually scary, and I'm telling the Democrats what they've. Done Visit insane, but I've said, of the families listen I. Know mass shootings happen and and and I'm sorry that the media. Took what I said out of context and. Now I do not play devil's. Advocate where I say well I. Can see, this I can see that I've. Learned to watch what I say. Is that was never. A political target before but you. Know go, to coast to coast archives I've been on this I know Did you. Ever say or did you ever allude that you thought maybe the murders in the shootings might have been, staged event and, when I say staged I mean. Other people involved in. The shooting Exactly Being honest here like don't get into, this they'll, do but I'm just all I have is. Honesty you know how we wargame on both sides and talk. Radio I, mean you can't do it as you're so. Big I've. Learned I can't do it. Now but I mean my listeners are the ones that end of general public didn't body official story because they've seen so many lives out of. Media so I was never. The I gotta say. This I kinda came to it late a few months after. Videos and I, said now this looks real to, me but then I would, say, well that was a little. Weird I just basically had debates with my listeners about, it and that's all that happened was that I just basically did that now Hillary, made it the election issue she, gave us all right Dr, card, speech she said we were. White supremacist which everybody knows is completely insane my ex, wife's Jewish system pro Israel now that's true and and so you know Is, that standard, thing you say, I'm out right wing left wing I'm just a. Patriot but it was so Alex Jones a dark heart and, that speech and I can pull. It up on YouTube Hillary, Clinton dark heart, alright patients he said and he, said nobody died at sandy hook. And all this stuff and so when she. Took that. An, edited tape of me Where, I was showing both sides in the debate with. People saying and actually that real debate like three years ago The school safety expert will. We'll king how big state police officer for national Top level guy he got mad at me The, debate I said I believe sandy hook, happened, but I had sat there and. Said okay I can see how, you believe you know that. Things didn't happen but just, the bizarreness now, so this became a huge. Huge, PR saying what's so what's so sad Alex I think for the country and for all of us is that anybody would even have to, assume that things, were staged for other purposes We know that there are groups that would love to. Do, away. With the second amendment would love to take away our guns and would try to manipulate fear to do things like that and to me that's the sad issue about all of this and that is. Trying to trick the American public to think about events that are real or may not be real. In order to them to be so confused that they will do things for their, own agenda well exactly you just have to all the head because we got lied to about the..

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