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In the press at that time that that was like it was a real like setting new. It was a real billy irish situation where it's like you win a oscar for your first movie and then everyone in hollywood is like staring at you. Yes but didn't she. Also i think she was the peon. United states of tara was it's very it's like almost kind of really different laying on one of my all time favorite television shows. It's only three seasons. So i've watched it through multiple times. Tony cla is a fucking genius. If you have not watched united states of tara go to yourself a favor watcher. I believe it still who it's so so so good and yet it's different from diablo cody but also similar like has her vibe on it the characters and like their wardrobes their little things. I'm like colours. Honestly the set design is very her the costuming but that show absolutely got me through a break up if you have not watched that show. If you're going through a hard time it is the it's like such a good like it's not. It's it's a fun watch that has laughs but it's also really like cathartic and bree olson it. She's that's when i was like she's a great actress. I that's when i found her and then short term twelve came out and i was like holy shit but i am constantly like bemoaning. The loss of the amazing half hour drama. I feel like. I really miss half hour drama series. I love a half hour show so so much and united states terror kind of came up in that perfect era where showtime and. Hbo were just like pumping out half hour drama. And it's like that perfect bite-size very like emotional funny like it's funny. Yeah it's like a goto like tonal reference for me. When i'm like it's it's funny inherently but also it's like real. I think that's so that's what you need to have a show. I think it's from the era of like weeds is kind of what i think of it. I loved we'd. I loved weeds. I even watch all the seasons of weeds that were very bad and that's another runoff hop on because i love like a half hour drama. A perfect background show totally. Yeah for sure. What did i what did i just watch. Oh i just watched white lotus. did you watch. I did watch white lotus. I liked it a lot. I feel like they could have just skipped the murder mystery part totally and just have been about assholes on vacation like i don't need a plot on the shoulder really like i just need like funny dialogue in enjoyable scenes and i almost feel like the murder mystery like took away from it. I agree with you. I thought it was very honest of the creator to say a variety. He did an interview and said that he intentionally. He knew he wanted someone to die. Any knew that it would make people watch if it had that hook and watching people struggle to accept that that was the hook was like very difficult for me as like a sideline viewer. Like i feel like. I learned more about people. I know from watching their reactions to y loners. I'm a person that like truly needs so plot as long as the characters are interesting leg. My favorite show of all time is tra may which was on. Hbo that had absolutely no plot for five seasons. And i think it's most beautiful show whatever exist and like i don't need that hook and i think that i think people would have liked it better if they weren't like the whole time trying figure out like well what had paulo really do like. What's the secret here is she like. I just think that it took away from like a funny show about assholes that actually wasn't really trying to make a point at all in was just like good acting good writing. Who did you think was the biggest asshole on the show. Because i think i have kind of hot take. I think shane is obviously supposed to be the bigger asshole like. He's the most obvious asshole. So like i guess shane. But i think we're supposed to understand like everybody's an asshole in their own way like everybody who works or who is on vacation. There is an asshole own way. Yeah i definitely i think. Shane is like such an easy answer. When people say they hate shade. I'm like no. You need to look beyond the bell like you need to really get into it right. I suppose to hate him like duh. You hate the rich kid i think. Honestly the one that is the most harmful in terms of the ecosystem. And i hate to say it is fucking coolidge because yes yet because of how she totally fucked over. What was her name. Brenda belinda linda. Like she liked it real harm to her. Yeah it real harm to her and like just attach is like like in all of the ways that shane is like emotionally like suppressed in repressed to the point that he boils over all the time. She is the exact opposite like she never has to get mad because she lives naked like that. Yes also just. I thought the scenes with family were so like laugh out loud. Funny i when you're talking about the gay dad and also when pause when they're talking about ball cancer and she's like why'd you think you'd ball cancer like it's so fucking funny. Steve zahn is who by the way is also interim if ever joe he's so good in this and connie britton just should only ever play rich woman. I love connie britton. She's like one of my faves. I was really surprised at how much i actually like. Laughed out loud by myself like in my house knowing that that was probably like the writers draft because he wrote the whole show himself and there wasn't like a punch-up jokes room. You know like the fact that he wrote all of that himself and that the show had me laughing. So hard episode episode was like very impressive agreed and just molly shannon was so good and i'm really excited. Because after he finishes. I'm gonna go watch the first episode of season two of the other. Two with molly shannon. Have you been. Did you watch us season. One of that Though i love. Tv eilly treated myself to white us. You know you should watch the other two. It's so quick thirty minutes not even thirty minutes. Because there's on comedy central. So it's like ten twenty two minute episodes. It's so funny. It's so fucking funny okay. I like a little comedy. You know yeah i do. I like crumby tune in and laugh. Okay wait so sonia blah blah. She's at home with her best friend and she's drinking wine and showing her chelsea's facebook. I was hoping this would be more. Dushi yes yeah. I mean when she was like why wouldn't you wanna take her home to his family and when her friend was like he doesn't wanna do that. I'm like yeah. let's get into it. Yeah right right right. So like they're they think she's like twenty two and so he doesn't get it she's like he can't bring an ice cream scooper to a work party and her friends. Basically just like jephson's sane and has issues. What do you want me to say like if this is on. Hbo it'd be like she just wants to.

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