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And we changed the way we live our lives in order to succumb to it. We'd never get made. Fact, you couldn't even get Christian investors to get this film made because they would say, no one will come and see it this film at you've seen it right air. I am not. Okay. This film does this and Remmy Malik as as, Freddie. Mercury is incredible. So it is it's it's number nine on my list. Number eight on my list from top ten films of twenty eighteen I always try to get at least one faith-based movie on the list. I won't if if there aren't any good ones though, I won't give the family discount. All right. It's got to be a good movie. I can only imagine as a very very good movie, very powerful movie. And it it does something that Christian films. Traditionally struggled with which is to show the ominous impact of sin in order to make that emotional connection without glorifying in the process too, often Christian films won't even go there because they're concerned about basically making Darth Vader, look cool. And so they just kind of makes and almost like why would anybody be tempted by? This. Why would anybody be intimidated by this? Why would anybody be afraid of this? It looks antiseptic homogenized. This film doesn't do that. Dennis Quaid gives a pretty raw portrayal as the lead singer of mercy me's abusive father, and it's exceedingly well done. And even though you know, how it ends. You know, kind of like, you know, how you know Titanic ended. But the path they took you to get there. Still moved you at the end. Anyway, you know, the movies end with the stirring debut of of maybe the best selling song and a history of Christian music, but still when it happens. It's still makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Anyway, highly recommend number seven on my list Sicario day of the sold out..

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