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Dog will be. Get my dynamite from d I n o b i e dot com Time for traffic and weather on the eighth to the traffic center we go Andy and Crawford we start in Virginia on 95 South bound. It is still hung up very badly Getting crap. Bastard Crash activity just fasting. Fairfax County Parkway Exit 1 66 at least one right lane to get by, And that's not a lot. The express lanes are open their appointed south tonight. And if the price is right for you that maybe your work around otherwise you are going to be sitting and waiting a lot trying to get to and through the crash activity. 95 sound found near the Fairfax County Parkway Exit 1 66 North and gets by unimpeded and 3 95 is completely quiet between the two beltways in Virginia. Oh, Heavenly Days. Let's look at 66 both directions between Nutley Street and chain Bridge Road between exits, 60 and 62 single lanes in each direction. Westbound gets by one to the left eastbound one to the right. And this is gonna be this the case all night long Expect those delays and thank you that into your overnight driving calculus. I, additionally near the Beltway 66 eastbound near the capital Beltway one and left lane getting by. And then after 29 Washington Boulevard, you go inside the Beltway. The right lane will be intermittently blocked. Our ongoing work 29 both directions between making road and stone road through Centerville, left lane blocked in each direction and in the district, Montana Avenue between New York Avenue and W Street, Northeast W like whiskey, all lanes blocked for the For the water. Main break it probably some icy road conditions to as we sink below freezing with caution to follow the posted detours to get around in Crawford. W T O p traffic, not a storm Team force Mike Standiford..

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