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GOP officials are highlighting the former president's continued leadership and Republican politics. His commitment to party fundraising and his plans for 2024 can warm and adds that Mr Trump is headlining a Republican private donors summit at his Mar a Lago resort. In Palm Beach, Florida. The Pentagon is developing ways to better screen military recruits for extremist behavior. And while improving training four troops that are leaving the service so they could be more prepared. If violent hate groups slower them to join what we need to do and focus on Maura's. How do we prepare? Transitioning members to be aware of that interest in them on GTO know what it looks like and what it feels like What it sounds like when these groups were trying Tol accrued them. That's pressed the Pentagon press secretary John Kirby. Two Utah sheriff's deputies wounded. The suspect was killed in a shooting this morning outside the Salt Lake County jail. Both deputies taken to the hospital and are expected to survive. Meanwhile, last night, a 27 year veteran of the Iowa State Patrol was killed during a late night stand off of the man in the community of Grundy Center, a 41 year old suspect was shot by officers. Is hospitalized in critical condition. Police say he's charged with first degree murder, and he's being held in a million dollars bond. Authorities say the events all began when the officer tried to stop the man for a traffic violation, and he fled to his home and then held cops at bay for several hours. News and analysis. A town hall dot com. Meanwhile, relief Thank you is so successful in lowering or eliminating pain. I'm often asked that question Beatings Have Talbot, the father and son, founders of really Factor tell me they believe our bodies were designed to heal. That's right. Designed to heal on now I agree. The doctors who formulated really factor for Pete and self selected the four best ingredients 100% drug free ingredients. But each help your body deal with inflammation. That's correct. Each of the four ingredients deal with inflammation on a different metabolic pathway that right they're approaching your pain from four different angles may very well be. Why so many Americans find such wonderful pain relief if you have back pain, shoulder, neck, hip, knee or foot pain from exercise, or even just getting older. You must order the three week quick start now discounted the only 1995 to see if it will work for you, too. I think it could give your body what it needs to heal itself. Got to really factored outcome. Call 805 183 84 early factor dot com. A union organizing effort in Alabama shot down by Amazon workers. The National Labor Relations Board reports the majority of workers that Amazon's warehouse and best summer Alabama voted against the union. The totals were 738 in favor, 1798 Against of the more than 3000 votes cast. 76 were avoided and more than 500 contested. Either Amazon or the retail wholesale in department store union, which led the organizing effort. However, the NLRB E says the contested votes are not enough to sway the outcome. The union says it intends to file an objection with the NLRB, charging the company with illegally interfering with the vote. I'm Ben Thomas House Ethics committee announced the investigation, and representative Matt Gates says federal prosecutors probing some sexual trafficking allegations against him and are also scrutinizing the actions of some of his political allies. Maura Town hall dot com. Divided Supreme Court rules in favor of lifting restrictions on in home religious gatherings in California. This overturns the lower court ruling that upheld Governor Gavin Newsom's limits on people from different homes. 5 to 4 ruling noted. It was the fifth time the court has rejected the night. Circuits Analysis of California coronavirus restrictions, Chief Justice John Roberts decided the ruling stated that before it can live it religious gatherings, the government must prove they pose a greater danger. Secular activities that right open such as shopping or attending movies. Patrick false reporting no more Pledge of allegiance before meetings at the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission after some members called it divisive and contentious. And the question just how the pledge of allegiance would advance the work of that committee. Sure to check out Maurin these stories by logging on to town hall dot com. I'm Rhonda Rostrum. We'll finish out Saturday and then finish out.

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