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R. Voice of New York and I heart radio stations Way have 76 degrees. Cloudy skies two o'clock Good morning. I'm Steve Greenfield Group of Manhattan Protesters is stunned after an SUV plowed through them Tuesday night, even dragging a bicycle several feet in the process. The march which had begun at Washington Square Park had reached 42nd Street and First Avenue in the driver seemed to suddenly speed up. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. Police are investigating what led to the shooting of a 12 year old child Tuesday night in Jersey City. It was about six o'clock is the pre teen was hit in the ANC only or MLK Drive in Oak Street. Three men have been arrested, and officials have recovered at least two guns from the scene. And it wouldn't Manhattan apartment is gone. Destroyed by illegal fireworks. Sunday morning, The devices were set off by a group of along Nickel Avenue and Dyckman Street Blaze began in the first floor apartment at about 1 30 neighbor set the dog free. But the resident Family of 40 years was not home at the time of the incident, which is now under investigation by the FDA and fire marshal in the NYPD Detective squad. Long Island enters phase for reopening Today James Flipping describes the split some people have on the issue of masks and how often they should be worn around the tri state area. Many officials have put into place mask recommendations or requirements. Especially when people can't maintain six feet of distance. Some experts say face coverings are most effective indoors. Others say their main purpose is keeping sick people from sending out airborne droplets that could spread covert 19 New Jersey residents sounding off between memorial Day and black lives matter, all group and they got it got worse. She got you've got to start. You gotta wear a mish. I think it's ridiculous outside on the beach. I give you six feet apart. Take the mask off. Let's be reasonable. James Flippen, Wooo are news. Five men were rescued and are safe after their boat camp sized in Long Island Sound is about 4 40 Tuesday afternoon. The 911 call came in regarding the incident just off the coast of Crab Meadow Beach. Three of the passengers were wearing life asked and they were able to swim to Marine Bravo. Officers threw a flotation device to the remaining two men that he was a sponsored by Compassion International. We're all feeling the weight of covert 19 but for kids in poverty around the.

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