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5 36 Theo FBI is warning about armed protests It all 50 state capitals and the U. S capitol following the deadly attack last week. Let's have occurred. Boyle of the Washington State Fusion Center spoke with co most Tammy Natasa, the Fusion Center. Our focus is on. Is there a threat to life safety? The Washington State Fusion center works with federal and local agencies on counterterrorism officials say so far in Washington, they're looking into a call for Armed protests next week and social media posts and we have to make sure that if we sing something, that's immediate threat, we can get it to the right people as quickly as possible. With the most accurate information. We only have one chance to get it right. The National Guard will keep increased presence at the state Capitol. The FBI sent me a statement saying, In part, the FBI respects the rights of individuals to peacefully exercise their First Amendment rights. Our focus is not on peaceful protesters, but on those threatening their safety and the safety of other citizens with violence and Destruction of property. Citizen activists who typically rally for a number of causes in Olympia during the legislative session will not have in person access to legislators. Because of the pandemic, one local activist tells Comb. Oh, he's afraid that that could inflame the frustrations of people that they're already experiencing. Here's co most Carleen Johnson Morgan is the executive director for the Citizens Alliance for Property Rights and founder of We the Governed. He helped organize several recent rallies around the state by groups fighting the business closures related to the pandemic. Probably half the state. You know, in one capacity, another feels like they're not being listened to it all. Morgan says. The people's ability to only participate in the session virtually will only make people feel more left out of the process that doesn't tend to produce a positive. Return on what's going on, and that's my concerns. Carleen Johnson come Oh news. Several Republican State lawmakers say the security fence erected around the state Capitol should come down because it's keeping out people who have a right to be there. More from Cuomo's Keith Eldridge, Republican House member Tom Down to Moses Lake says he gets cove it I went from Gotta be in pretty good shape. Being in an ambulance going the hospital in two days. I get it. Get over it. But he's also getting the public's right to participate in the legislative process. Despite eight days in the hospital for them in the ICU, he supports efforts to open the.

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