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Thousand nine hundred miles of foundation, right? Tony White one one percent of every purchase. Can I ask you something? Jerry, what's up? There's this girl. I kind of like, well, if there's one thing, I know it's women really. Well, they didn't call me velvet for nothing. I don't get it smooth. I was smoke. Oh, anyway, it's easy. You just got to impress her show. Her how strong are. Okay. But how Donald pick up a lot of heavy things around her. Like what I don't know desks chairs people. Grunt if you have to grunt. Yeah. Be like try. We should be tied to. Market capitalism. That's a philosophy. We should be tied to what's best for the people. That's really a very stupid comment. What does that mean? And who decides? The most liberating economic system is capitalism. It's the market. It produces more goods for more people than any other system on the face of the earth. It employs more people in good jobs in any other system on the face the earth. What's the alternative? We don't even have pure capitalism in this country. With the progressive income tax. There's still a significant regulations. Even though the president is doing everything he can pull them back. As somebody who opens a restaurant if we appear capitalism. Ask them about all the local state and federal rules. They have to comply with apart from taxes. The hiring rules the ADA rules zoning rules, rainy rule, some bureaucrat at the state, local or federal levels.

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